Playing in the water - Part 1

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I've decided to make my first Minecraft project, 
It's just a Log Flume, but I'm going to try and take it as far as possible. 
I just started it so I only have the basic layout of the first section done so far,  
From the surface near my spawn right down to the Adminite

 The current start position

 Not a great view, yet


 Looking up from the bottom,  

 Straight up at the end of the first section
In the next little while I'll finish off this section so that you actually go back up to the surface from the last picture. 
Then I'll go play Reach, lol
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That sounds like something fun.

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Can't wait to see what it looks like when you're done.

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@Empirepaintball: @Alaska_Gamer: @Axxol:  
So I finished the last part of this section, Then played Reach all night, 
And today I got distracted by a Mine Cart 
I cheated for my items in this one. 
Sorry about the terrible quality
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I cant wait for water to get better.

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