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Welcome to Dragon Realm: A Kingdom Divided!

I am currently working with ana amazing team to bring one of the best role-play experiences to Minecraft. In our world of Daziroth, 6 races within 3 conflicting kingdoms seek the last known dragon egg. Our players will be able to choose from playing as; a Human, a Dark Elf, an Orc, a Dwarf, a Dragonborn (lesser dragon) or one of the mysterious Félvér (a race of half human half animals). Players will be given quests that relate to their respective kingdom's position in the upcoming war and successful completion of the tasks will move the kingdom's story further along one of the many story lines we have. As the races reach specific milestones that we have set, the players will enter our server wide battle scene, orchestrated around the kingdom furthest along their storyline. Victory within these battles will push your kingdom closer to gaining possession of the dragon egg and thus closer to completing the kingdom's objective (details will be disclosed after whitelisting).

We want to start to raise interest in our server and get support from the Minecraft community to encourage us to work harder to provide what we believe to be the best content available. Our building phase has not yet begun, so if you are over 18 and willing to help us in building on the server let me know via PM or e-mail and we will keep you posted as to when we start building.

Any suggestions for features that you would like to see would be appreciated, as well as just general support. We look forward to catering to the widest audience possible, so whether you play DnD every other weekend or just enjoy playing in a High Fantasy setting, keep us in mind for when we go live!!!


Note: texture pack artist wanted for build stage!

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Advertisment is against the forum rules. Flagged.

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you don't think a simple 'oh hey there, not sure if you know this but you shouldn't post ads on these forums... k thanks'

i saw nowhere stating clearly that posting this was 'wrong' but it seems that people don't like sharing ideas. i'm not stealing because the product doesn't even exist yet...

just would be nice to be treated fairly is all...

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Please don't advertise on Giant Bomb. Thanks!


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