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Note to self and everyone else that remember to save and save often. After playing for an hour my server crashed and I lost all my work on searching and finally finding a mine. There's gold in them hills. P.s. I'm playing on the 360 version

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@jazin: Doesn't this game autosave every 15mins or something? That's why the chest icon comes up I think.

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I believe so but I'm not sure what. I heard somewhere that it doesn't fully save to make it so if a friend enters your game and messes up your world you can just back out and reload it to when the friend came into it.

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I bought the 360 version, then found out that the world isn't infinite... it's really put me off.

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Ouch, that really sucks. This is one of those games where I constantly live in fear that my progress is about to be erased. When building my 500m track I saved every 5 minutes or so. When I unlocked one of the avatar items the game froze for about 15 seconds (and then for about 5 seconds the next time) and I was sure that my game had frozen.

@ElNeebre said:

I bought the 360 version, then found out that the world isn't infinite... it's really put me off.

That's an excellent reason to read reviews before buying games. Brad specifically mentioned that in his.

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@louiedog: Yeah, I found out because of the Quick Look. Sadly, I didn't watch before I bought the game... since I quite enjoyed the PC version.

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I guess it could be a problem because during TNT tonight it happened to brad twice. Just have to make sure to save every 10 - 15 min untill it is hopefully fixed

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