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Not sure how active the forum is, thought I'd post anyways.

I have recently become the teacher sponsor for our school's Minecraft club. We currently have about 10-12 students who come after school on Fridays to play Minecraft.

Some of us are playing on a small server together when we are not meeting at school.

The students have shown interest in starting a Youtube channel. So here is my first attempt. Right now, all I can do i record on my Mac using Quicktime. If you have better ideas please let me know.

Here's the link to my first video:

What do you think? What ideas do you have for a Youtube series? If you were in a Minecraft club at your school, what would you want to show the world?


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Definitely show their parents that their kids are playing video games and being creative rather than being out in the streets smoking funny smelling cigarettes and listening to that jazz music.

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@psylah: But... but... I like Jazz...

@Sethster: I think some good ideas would be to possibly record when all of you guys are playing together, show the creative process, as they're building stuff. I mean, hey, it works for the Yogscast, right?

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Oh I wish there was such a thing as this back in my school, all i had was Minesweeper club..

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@Hizang: I just remember in elementary school playing a bunch of Oregon Trail and other edutainment on Apple II's.

Actually, there was this one time when a Sub brought in his copy of Maniac Mansion, and everybody wanted to play it, lol.

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