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Whether you're on PC, 360, iPhone or Android, show us the creation you're most proud of, doesn't matter what it is. I'll start, I call this boggle city, and it's about half of my level's focus. Most of this was built pre Anvil update aside from a couple of the skyscrapers.

The city at night, the lava surrounds sort of a huge castle barricade, and inside is the city, visible here, and also under the city is a web of underwater mansions.
From the foot of my tallest skyscapers, approx 70 high and not very wide. The building on the right is on stilt because this is a fountain directly under.
Boggle city styled Hollywood sign, just because.
This is what the city looks like standing on the most outer corner on the barricade.

I will post more of the underwater mansion in a minute.

Underwater mansion:

Entrance that webs to other parts of the city.
Main theater.
Underground lobby area, you can see the building above the glass ceiling in the background.
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I want to go to there. My Minecraft sadly looks like warmed over sh*t, & am too embarrassed to post.

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@BestUsernameEver: That city is sweeeeeeeeeeeet. I've been wanting to get into making themed buildings, like a Hostpital, Shopping Mall, etc kinda thing. If you reply to this comment and I'm on my PC later it'll remind me to add in screenshots of the epic cathedral I made. On laptop atm so don't have screens.

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I was recently building airplanes and hot air balloons in my friends server but he made a new world last week so I can't get any screen grabs of them. I intend to do more but farming for wool is boring and it takes a lot to make a white plane.

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@BombcastGoldthwait said:

I want to go to there. My Minecraft sadly looks like warmed over sh*t, & am too embarrassed to post.

Hey thanks, that's only half of the city, I also built sort of an underwater mansion under the bulk of the city, I'll post that later.

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My server has a Creeper in a top hat.

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Mid Construction Shot 1
Finished Shot at Night 1

And that's my Cathedral. Really should get some daytime shots. Be sure to click them for fullsize.

Japanese Themed Dojo
Sunset in the Dojo

From my friend and my Japanese themed server.

Plus we have this fuck off huge pyramid:

Night time with mah friends at the top
A ruined screenshot!
Side on
Daytime with dojos in background
Original inside with light slit, now completely different but I don't have screens!
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Man I wish I can get that creative.

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You people are insane.

Good or bad, you choose.

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@Chavtheworld: All I can say is, holy crap, the scale and style is absolutely impressive, nice job. It's hard for me to get building and statues symmetric, that Cathedral and pyrimid is a whole new level.

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@Hizang: Is that a donkey kong skin?

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These are awesome, makes me want to get back into minecraft...

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@Chavtheworld: Wow that pyramid is pretty impressive and makes me want to make a pyramid of my own. Well done.

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i havent taken pictures of my greatest creations i usually enjoy them for a few weeks then ditch the map and start anew.

although heres what i started on about an hour ago:

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@living4theday258: Whoa, that's going to be crazy. I assume thats sandstone and not sand right?

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: yea its sandstone but i don't know what use for the floor, wool has crossed my mind but im not sure.

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Man, fuck you all. Here I was all proud and shit because I made a tiny ass fountain out of gold.

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@living4theday258 said:

@BestUsernameEver : yea its sandstone but i don't know what use for the floor, wool has crossed my mind but im not sure.

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@living4theday258 said:

: yea its sandstone but i don't know what use for the floor, wool has crossed my mind but im not sure.

Colored wool is always great for flooring, that and wood half slabs.

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@BestUsernameEver said:

@living4theday258 said:

: yea its sandstone but i don't know what use for the floor, wool has crossed my mind but im not sure.

Colored wool is always great for flooring, that and wood half slabs.

i haven't considered half slabs, as for colored wool that's what i thought about and im leaning toward lime and black wool.

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@BestUsernameEver Banjo-Kazooie.
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@Hizang said:

@BestUsernameEver Banjo-Kazooie.

oh lol nice.

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@BestUsernameEver: @laserbolts: Thanks guys :)

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My first fort complete with lava fountains, lava moat, netherrack fire gate and rouge flying squid. Sure it's pretty basic but fuck it, I'm proud of the thing.

On 360

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I'm aware that I'm far from the first person to have done this in Minecraft, but having built a piston elevator to cloud level I couldn't resist building the house from UP! Quite proud of how it's turned out. Built in survival mode - hence the need for torches on the roof and on top of the 'balloon' - though I did use the single player command mod when my sheep breeding system couldn't generate wool quickly enough for my liking. Oh, and a flying mod to get a nice angle on the back of the house for these shots ;]

The white wool connecting the balloon to the house doesn't look as good as a vertical fence post does, but this way I can run a ladder up the chimney and into the balloon, which looks pretty funky on the inside along with the glass frame I started with:

Edit: Here's the elevator.

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I read this thread and realize that I am nothing. One time I built a house on a hill.

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@Orangefreak92: Everybody starts somewhere. This is my second world and the first I've sunk a tonne of time into, but I was pretty proud of my first game which also pretty much consisted of a house on a hill. Gotta have love for your own creations.

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This thread made me realize that I want to play in a survival world, oddly enough. It's just been so long since I've done anything besides creative, that it would be awesome to play survival and try to make awesome houses and such in it.

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Some of these creations are absolutely inspiring. I am simultaneously in awe and incredibly jealous.

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An update on my UP! house: I've now built a chain of note blocks to play a clip from the movie's main theme right next to the house. I didn't look online for any advice on note block circuitry, so I imagine it could probably be more compact than it is. Anyway, here's the theme in case you haven't heard it, and below is my 30 second minecraft rendition. The rhythm is a touch out in a few places in the video, but that's a result of some lag associated with the capture software, not the circuitry itself!

Loading Video...
Loading Video...
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Very nice work, will have to try to get some shots of the domed city I've been working on. Just make sure that with your creations you watch it around friends like in the Achievement Hunter team, that starts to really spiral out of control in the first few videos & laughed my ass off with #3 with their creation of achievement city.

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I was going to post a pic but your guys creation makes mine seem stupid. Mine was just a huge house...

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