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Well hello there.

I have been running Minecraft servers for a couple of years now. After the last restart (wipe), the main server is almost empty, mostly due to players not playing anymore. Now there are only three people using the server, all of which is real life friends.

This is why I am open to the idea to make it a Giant Bomb community server, for those of you who play Minecraft.

We have a dedicated Teamspeak server as well with a dedicated password-protected room for Minecraft.


The server have a lot of mods to make it interesting. It has IndustrialCraft 2 for those of you who like to make nuclear plants, for example. Forestry is there for those who like to play lumberjacks. Railcraft for those who like to make awesome railroads. Thaumcraft for those who enjoy magic and many many more!

Difficulty is turned up to hard, so you will have to play more carefully, because monster do more damage. Also, with Mo Creatures you get even more excitement when you go out exploring or mining.

Server Information

Server address:
Server administrator: Uberjannie
Moderators: Kaizerblade, Inlimis, Valharroth
Location: Norway
Connection: 100/100
Slots: 100
Difficulty: Hard
Type: Survival


In order to to join, just reply to this post with your ingame nickname, and I will send you an PM when you are added.

You have to be a member of the GB community.

To connect to the server, you will first have to get the TechnicLauncher ( Save the launcher wherever you want, start the launcher and login with your Minecraft credentials. On the left side, you can choose "Add New Pack", after of which you paste the techniclauncher URL for the modpack we use. You will get the URL after you have been whitelisted (This is a TechnicLauncher requirement by using their service).


  • No griefing (NUMBER ONE RULE!)
  • No disconnecting in order for someone else to sleep. Doing so will result in a 24 hour ban.
    This have been removed due to request about it. Main reason for it to be there in the first place was because werewolves transformed during the night, plus additional enemy types spawn at night, making it more difficult to explore. It requires more planning that way. Removing it lowers the difficult rating severely.
  • No cheating/exploiting
  • No rude or bad behavior
  • Do not build in locations where you can see people already have occupied unless you have asked first.
  • Do not purposefully try to crash the server.


This is a TechnicLauncher server, so we are adding a lot of mods to make the game harder and more exiting. By doing the game play harder, we also encourage more cooperative play among the players = Great fun!

Do not fear that you have to manually download all the mods manually. Since this is Technic, you will get access to the private modpack once you get access to the server.

The mods on the server is as follows:

  • · Minecraft Coder Pack
  • · Forge Mod Loader
  • · Minecraft Forge AppliedEnergistics core
  • · CodeChiken core
  • · Not Enough Items
  • · PowerCrystals Core
  • · Tinkers Corestruct
  • · mod_ReiMinimap
  • · Industrial Craft 2
  • · Immibis Core
  • · Advanced Machines
  • · Applied Energistics
  • · BuildCraft
  • · ChickenChunks
  • · DrZarks CustomSpawner
  • · Mo creatures mod
  • · EnderStorage
  • · ExtrabiomesXL
  • · ExtraCells
  • · Forestry for Minecraft
  • · Nuclear Control
  • · Inventory Tweaks
  • · Iron Chest
  • · Modular Force Field System
  • · MineFactory Reloaded
  • · Thaumcraft
  • · Railcraft
  • · The Twilight Forest
  • · Natura
  • · Tinkers construct
  • · Thaumic Tinkerer
  • · Balkons WeaponMod
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I wouldn't mind joining, but the white-list process seems a bit off-putting. I rather get in and play. Also, whats wrong with disconnecting so others can sleep? a 24 hour ban seems harsh, almost makes me not want to join..

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: Regarding the disconnect rule: It have been a common practice in the servers I play on, mainly because it makes the difficulty easier. Especially with Mo creatures active, since there are werewolves that transforms at night, plus many additional creatures spawning. Thus you have to plan harder and take a risk when going out adventuring/mining.

I will remove the rule about disconnecting, but the whitelist will be there. The Whitelist have to be there in order for us not to have a public server using a custom mod pack in Technic launcher. As far as I gathered, you are not allowed to make modified packages available publicly. The alternative is making people manually downloading the mods and then installing them. They have to repeat the process if we update a mod on the server as well. TechnicLauncher solves all this, since it supports autoupdating, so it is much more user friendly.

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I'd like to check it out, been a while since I played any modded minecrafts.

MC Name: FuzzyLongcat, you might know me from pretty much every other GBMC server

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Has been a while since I played, but I sort of feel the minecraft itch again ... I would like to check it out. MC name is readme

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I'd be down to play. MC username is Lunchbox027.

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Minecraft Username: Atomic_Olive (with the underscore).

Look forward to playing with everyone. :D

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Hi @uberjannie, I've played my share of Tekkit and Feed The Beast. I wouldn't mind a bit of Minecraft on a GB server.

My username is: noizy_

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@noizy: @atomic_olive: @lunchbox:


Thank you guys for signing up. People rarely play on the server anymore. Do not know why, but I do not have time to play due to real life stuff. But I am going to add you to whitelist now. If you want to have other people, like friends or family join, just holla and I will add them to the server.

The server will not go permanently offline even if it is "dead", since it is on a server that I have online 24/7 anyways. But sometimes there are hardware/software failures and the server is down for tops two days. Just PM if it happens if I happen to not notice. We do update the packages regularly, so the server is not dead DEAD, it is just few people playing :)

We have a 24/7 teamspeak which is separated from the MC server, you can join the TS server on address: - The minecraft room password is rdavis

The Technic mod pack is found here:


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Appreciate the update. I'll be sure to make good use of the server. :)

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I have been looking to join a giantbomb server for a while if there is still a few people playing i would be interested in joining

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@balrogsbain: Sorry mate, not many people playing. So the server is pretty dead. It is still up and running though.

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