The Aether Mod.

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We've all heard of the Nether, a dark realm that is inhospitable unless you are hell bent on living there. 
I've only been to the Nether twice, because it wasn't my type of place. 
But this isn't about the Nether, this is about the Aether. 
A new mod that adds a new realm to the game. It also adds new weapons, new materials, a new interface for the inventory screen, and more. 
To go to the Aether, you construct a portal much like you would if you wanted to visit the Nether, except you use glowstone and water.  

I'm not going to post any screenshots from inside the Aether since I don't want to spoil the surprise for you. 
But this place isn't just a painted over version of the Nether, it's a new world, with flying pigs.
Here is the forum link for more info.
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This looks really rad. I'll give it a try.  
Edit: It apparently conflicts with Single Player Commands.. =[

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I've tried doing it but just couldn't get it running.

If someone could set it up for me and zip it up, I'd be much appreciated. 

(Adding TooManyItems [admin on a server] would be much appreciated too!)

It looks like such an awesome mod but, I just can't stand frickin about with em.

EDIT: Got it working. It's pretty fun but lagging up my mc.

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Video game Hell will always be cooler than video game Heaven.

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