The All Knowing Chicken

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The idea came to me earlier today, well.....the chickens in my Minecraft house whispered it to me as I slept. I hope it brings a little entertainment ^_^ I fully intend to make more of these when I'm not busy endurance running it up..

I do need ideas for questions though! They have to have Yes/No answers of course! Chickens can't speak English ><

UPDATE: There is now more than one video. Find it via my YouTube, or in this thread :)

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This is my favourite part of today. I'm going to sleep so fantastically tonight.

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@project343 said:

This is my favourite part of today. I'm going to sleep so fantastically tonight.

Thank you sir, that made my day!

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Which texture pack is that?

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@EuanDewar: Ah, Dokucraft. Don't know how I couldn't see that.

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that was awesome. that chicken knows what he's talking about

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The chicken is wrong!

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Finally, a way to harness the power of chickens! 
I've got a question to ask: 
Will the guys ever complete the lantern run?

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I normally wouldn’t believe in that voodoo but ... The guy speaking was British, it’s like in the discovery channel, it has to be true.

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Nothing is better than bacon. That chicken knows his stuff.

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hahaha holy shit I love that.

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That's one smart chicken, man.

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The Messiah, the one who holds all the answers I tell you!

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Did not expect so many replies! You guys rock :) I've got another question lined up, but suddenly came down sick today >_<, so will have to put off recording it until tomorrow!

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No one chicken should have all that power.

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Turn down your draw distance when recording to boost your FPS, duder.

I can't come up with a good question for Senor Chicken, but you should try asking a pig the same question to see if pigs are on the same page as the chickens

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Not quite as polished as the first video, I blame the pigs. They're out to sabotage the work we do at the Institute of Chicken Prophecy and Also Tasty Meatballs. My friend joins in on this one though! ^_^

@Ravenlight said:

Turn down your draw distance when recording to boost your FPS, duder.

Thanks for the advice, but game itself runs okay, it's just my ability to record at a decent framerate that sucks. I've never been able to find a decent method of screen recording that isn't super laggy for me >_<

@MaFoLu: A slight variant of your question....answered! XD. I completely forgot to point that out in the video, sorry man!

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@EuanDewar said:

@TheSeductiveMoose: This one I believe

Interesting, I forget what it was called when I downloaded it, yet that appears to be it going from the screenshots. In my Texture Pack selection screen I get these details (obviously not the original name, seems to be related to a web series):

Shadow Of Israphel Ep: 27 +
Made by Smidge

I used to use Eldpack, it was so brilliant. But it' hadn't been updated. I just checked again though, and now it has! So I think I'll go back to that ^_^

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