The best Minecraft experience ?

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So what is, in your opinion the true Minecraft experience one should aim for if deciding to get this game ? Obviously the free build mode and survival mode are vastly different and kinda equal, but do you think that the multiplayer is essential to get a full Minecraft experience or is it best played offline ?

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I would recommend starting by playing survival mode by yourself. After that you'll probably have a good idea what, if anything, about Minecraft you enjoy.

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i have the most enjoyment playing Minecraft with a few good friends on a private server, just chatting and building all sorts of stuff. it's just a lot more fun playing that game with other people. however, it's equally as relaxing to just play by yourself your own little world and build at ease while listening to music or a podcast.

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I actually don't play online as much, it's not that I dont want to, but I can't. I got the Xbla version so I can play with friends. I enjoy it a lot. I say the minecraft experience I playing with friends on survival mode making a huge house, or tower, underground base, and so on.

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Xperia Play version for sure.

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