The Bombcast - Minecraft Version!

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Hey everybody, in response to the Giant Bomb logo that I created in Minecraft, I am now going to task myself with the mission of creating the bombcast crew in Minecraft! The image I am going to use is pictured below...

I will be posting back here periodically with updates on this task. It should be fun!

And here we are:

All finished! Everything turned out pretty good! I finished a lot quicker than I originally thought! I am quite content though! Any suggestions for future projects?

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Good luck in your endeavor. That one looks like a doozy.

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Why choose that one...the one with out Patrick!

I call conspiracy.

That and Id like you to try the harder updated Bombcast logo just for you to lose your mind on it.

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@Akyho: Just put Kleptok on the left corner and BOOM it's done.

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@Akyho said:

Why choose that one...the one with out Patrick!

This is a passive agressive anti-Kleptok thread!

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Alright here we go, Patrick in the corner: done.

I know it could be better, but this project is going to be hard already! That was the easiest way I could do it but, at least he made it in!

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Aaaagh! Why'd you start this thread without a first update? I am disappoint.

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Alright...first update:

It's a rainy day here in Minecraft as the base of the picture in finished. It is about 150 blocks long so I have a lot of work to do!

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Update #2:

Well, I have been doing a lot of work so far on the project. So far, as you can see, the word "Bombcast" at the bottom is almost fully completed. We can also see the legs of some of the staff members. You can also see that Patrick is almost done in the corner. I am going level by level to make sure everything is accurate to my schematics. Also, I realize that there seem to be a white box around Patrick because I have horrible picture editing skills. When I am done with the entire picture, I will go back and fill in as much as I can. I don't want to mess with my original schematics too much though because those things are a bitch to make. Anyway...more work needs to be done!

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Jesus man, that's looking schweet. Can't wait to see the whole thing!

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@Fistoh Thanks! I am chugging away at it and I should be done hopefully by Tuesday. I want to get it done a little earlier though!

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Update #3:

I spy a Patrick! I am almost done with his face and I am going on to his hair. He will be the first person completed from the Bomb Squad since I am going level by level!
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Wow this is crazy, keep it up!

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I rescind my good luck, you damn Klepek apologist!

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Update #4:

Things are looking pretty good as I hit the halfway mark on the project. As you can see, I finally filled in some of the white area around Patrick's head. You can also see some more bodies entering into the picture. I am about to get to the upper torsos and faces of the rest of the crew. I am making good progress!

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this is awesome. Keep it up!

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Update #5:

Things are looking good as you can now see that the Luchadeer is almost fully visible. The Luchadeer is one of the hardest parts because of the amount of colors that are present in the model. It should look good though when it is all done.

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@steelerzfan101: Dude, that's so awesome. The only thing left to do is blow it up.
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is it all wool ? set it on fire ! timelapse video for bonus points:)

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Haha it is a mixture of wool, wood, and a bunch of other materials...but mainly wood. I am definitely doing a mixture of blowing it up and setting it on fire!

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Just saw the half done picture, looks great! Did you ever finish it though?

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