The Devil's Mine Ride! A Minecraft Coaster!

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Honestly this is one of the best minecraft rollercoaster rides I've seen through. Best use of environments, art, statues and redstone mechanics combined into one.

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Thank you, guys, so much. It means a lot to me =D

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That was amazing, BlueJester. What was dropping from the lake creature's mouth?

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Gibs basically. Raw steaks, spider eyes, red dye, among other things. Hopefully helps sell the idea he just had a nice snack and is barfing up some of the remains. Thanks for the kind words!

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Great concept and well executed. I really enjoyed that.

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Nicely done, duder. A lot of really clever stuff going on.

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Wow. That was entirely too crazy for my mindset. But nice job! Fantastic.

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Thank you, duders!

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Oh wow that was amazing! Great job duder!

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Oh wow. That was pretty amazing!

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Glad this thread got resurrected. Nice job, man!

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Thanks guys! you're all awesome!

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That was pretty awesome, if only you could build such a coaster in real life :D

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That was probably the coolest thing I've seen built in Minecraft yet. Fantastic!

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It was beautifullllllllllll

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Wow, that has to be one of the best Minecraft coasters I've seen. Good job.

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Extra credit for the use of Oingo Boingo.

Nicely done. I would never have the patience to put something like this together.

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This is art. My mind = fucking BLOWN. As an owner of the 360 version, I wish I could emulate this.

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Literally INSANE! Sooo good!!

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Damn dude, that was incredible! I don't even want to think about the time you spent getting the timing just right for some of that stuff haha. Excellent job dude :D

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Goddamn that was awesome! Especially loved the ending!

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Wah?! How did you get to the Nether at the end? Is this real life?

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It's things like this that are why I love Minecraft, even though I suck at it and have no creative side.

Good job duder, that was amazing. I especially liked the long lava tunnel, got some weird Stargate, space portal feeling from that.

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Don't even get me started on the timing... That is for sure the most tedious part of the build.

The whole ride takes place in the overworld, The nether stuff is just a facade. If you walk around the corner, there is still exposed stone and dirt! Don't tell anyone!

I totally know what you're talking about. At first, I thought the tunnel would be too long, but the crazy effect it gives made me like it a lot more =D


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Hey duders! I figure instead of starting a new thread I would just revive my old one. Soooo I have a new video! This video took me about a day to put together. This new video is a Tribute to my fallen Horsey: Sir Snuggles. Damn Cacti...

Lemmie know what you think!

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