The Incredible Minecraft Code Giveaway!

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Hey, you! Are you interested in Mining and/or Crafting? Do you hate spiders? Do you love bacon??

In honor of the public 1.0 release of Minecraft on the personal computer, we have an “alpha account” gift code to give away,* which is pretty much the best kind of code to have. (Here’s why.) To make it a fun little contest, the entry format is pretty simple:

  1. How active are you in the Whiskey Media community?
  2. Are you new to Minecraft?
  3. Why are you interested in winning the code?
  4. Write an original Minecraft haiku. Bonus points for including Giant Bomb references.

No single answer is more important than the others. Being honest and creative is better than being dishonest and drab! Some current members of the server will nominate their favourite entries, then the server admin and moderator(s) will pick the winner. The winner will get the code to redeem, and a chest full of good stuff on the Whiskey Media Minecraft Server! (If you decide to give someone else the code that’s your choice, but ideally the winner wants to join up.) The contest will run until at least Nov. 26th, longer if needed.

Sample entry: (post here in the thread)

  1. I have 600+ forum posts on Screened and 300 wiki points on the Tanooki Suit page (see Photoshops of Celebrities gallery).
  2. No, I have a free account and tried creative mode a couple times.
  3. I would like to sell it on eBay and play "Rumcraft" instead. I always win at that.
  4. Ryan mocks Minecraft.
    Just one more block then I’ll quit.
    Is it a game now?

Good luck and have fun!

(*Thanks to user Brackynews for donating the code.)

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1.I'm a pretty active lurker, not really a poster.

2.Never played minecraft, but very interested.

3. I watch tobygames play it, and i really really wanna make my own adventure.

4.Minecraft seems awesome

Creepers are really creepy

Can I play it now

EDIT: Im really dumb

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1. My lack of a life makes me very active on the Giant Bomb community. I don't visit many of the other forums for the Whiskey Media sites, as they always appear to be dead, or too slow for my interest. But here on Giant Bomb, I'll never miss a bombcast! Jar Time With Jeff is my favorite thing to watch.
2. I made a free account a long time ago and tried to play the free version on a computer that couldn't run it, so I never got to see what that was.
3. Because I've watched about 30 hours of Minecraft videos in my time and it looks like something I would throw my life away on. I love building and customization to an extreme you wouldn't believe. Also, I'd be very interested in joining the Whiskey Media Minecraft server.
4. Like Vinny's receding hairline, my love for Minecraft, will not end.

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  1. Very. I'm the second largest poster, and a frequent blogger.
  2. Kind of; I've seen videos and stuff, but never played it.
  3. It seems like it would be an interesting project to tackle, in numerous ways.

Here's the haiku:




Wait, I just realized that I fucked up my Japanese grammar. Let me try again:

I'm not good at

the Japanese language, but

I want Minecraft. Now.

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  1. I am pretty active on GiantBomb, a lot more when the site first launched. I wrote the blurb for Uncharted 3: Drakes Fortune and will soon make awesome wiki pages for the Cabela games. I do not enjoy killing animals, just the mobs in Minecraft.
  2. I have played it once or twice, other than that not much. I've watched a bunch of things on YouTube, though.
  3. I want to get involved with building with the GiantBomb community and make something awesome for the whole community to enjoy.

    Constructing with blocks
    Playing with GiantBomb dudes
    Gives me a Boner
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1. I'm very active on Giant Bomb and I've been around since day one.
2. I've played a little bit of one of the older versions and I had brief access to the full version after getting one of the Humble Indie Bundles, but I've really spent very little time with the game.
3. I want to give the game another shot and have the chance to play it alongside people I know.
4. Keep stacking the blocks.
    Build all you can image.
    This is creation.

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How active are you in the Whiskey Media community?\

Im most active on Giant Bomb but I have used and posted on all sites. I also have some wiki points

Are you new to Minecraft?


Why are you interested in winning the code?

Everyone in the world have played it but not me. I feel like sad panda

Write an original Minecraft haiku. Bonus points for including Giant Bomb references.

Where can we build a Bomb?

In Minecraft and On Giant site

Where I am from

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  1. I spend most of my time on GB as you can see^^^. I post a bit on Tested every now and then. I'm usually lurking around Comic Vine to read blogs and such, but I don't think I've ever posted there.
  2. Completely
  3. I want to play Minecraft.
  4. Loaded Minecraft
    Building my Chibi Cube house
    Oh shit, a creeper
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  1. Less active than I used to be, but after 3,000 or so posts and hundreds of blog entries, it's safe to say I've be very active since I've been here.
  2. I played the browser version for about 5 minutes.
  3. I would like to code so I can play Minecraft, silly.
  4. Sure, give me a second.

Great, a blaze just spawned

I get hit with a fireball

Duder, it's over

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1.I watch videos and listen to the podcasts regularly, I also post pretty often as you can probably see. Not really that much into the wiki page filling business.

2.Never played it.

3.You know this game "Minecraft"? Word on the street is that it's pretty popular. And good.

4.Giant Bomb community

Having fun in Minecraft

Shaping penises

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1. I'm mostly a lurker, a browser, a casual ne'er do well that watches videos and reads the occasional topic related to the games I looked up. I've contributed to the wiki a bit, though I got discouraged when I realised that most people aren't bothering to do so. I try to leave helpful tips on achievement comments. (Quick P.S. for any staff, when playing through Saints Row 2 I was able to figure out which of the secret achievements were which, so those could be labelled properly now. I left notes on each one to make it quick to do.)

2. I discovered Minecraft just before 1.8 came out, and I've mostly been watching endless videos about it. I had been waiting for the official release so that when I start playing I wouldn't have all my hard work undone by later revisions affecting the terrain generation. Plus I wanted them to finish the code polish, as my MacBook is ooooold. It doesn't play well with Java.

3. I'd like the code so that I could start playing. The game is officially released now, so I could get to work building something outrageously phallic like all other boys of my age. I also don't have access to a credit card at the moment, so it would obviate the need to go through the hassle of arranging to purchase a gift code through someone that does. That would require interaction with another human being, and if I could do that then I wouldn't be wanting to play Minecraft now would I?


No one creeper should

Have all that minecraft power

(Unless it wants it.)

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1. I'm a lurker for the most part, but I am (or was, I guess) part of the fighting game community we have here for the PS3. I try to stay active when I can and support some conversations and the like, but I'm mostly an occasional poster. I reviewed a few movies on Screened, but I'm so off-again on watching new movies that I can't keep up. Tested is a site I just don't have the brainpower for anymore. 
2. Yep, totally. Only ever watched a few videos of the thing, and heard the Tested podcast rave about it when it was the new hype.  
3. To play it. I'm a creative thinker (or, I'd like to think so), and the weird shit you could do with Minecraft boggles my mind. If I can translate some of my own CAD work into Minecraft (and that's easy rethinking that), that shit would be awesome.  
4.  (I just did more research on a haiku than I would have wanted)
Minecraft servers 
Pummeled by Giant Bomb 
Have been durger'd

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1. Fairly. Been pretty involved in the fighting game scene here since 09, I believe, and I tend to post frequently throughout the week (during work-hours, shh). I spend far less time actually reading/watching any material the GB crew put together these days, hence why I am currently not a paid member, though I'll probably see to that soon. Screened and Tested are both on my Chrome homepage, so I visit them daily, though post there far less than here.

2. I've had a free Minecraft account since my friend introduced me to it last term (and only ever played on one save file). I once built a castle inside a mountain, and had various glass structures built around its edges, and a fortification on top. I literally have no idea where the fuck that is now.

3. I'd like to see what they've done with the finished article, namely. Minecraft is one of those few games I'll go back to time and again, given its Lego-y nature, so a full-account would be pretty sick.

4. I built a castle!

Oh, shit! I died. Where'd it go?

Uh uh uh uh uh.

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Contest CLOSED! Judging begins!

Thanks all.

EDIT: Judging done! Awards TBA!

EDIT9000: Wow what perfect timing... www.gamemusicbundle.comYou got Music Bundle Upgrade! Gratz duders!

(in b4 lock)

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Thanks everyone for the entries! And thank you to those who helped promote the contest too.

All told, six forum and server regulars picked their favorites in two rounds of blind judging.

The grand prize winner is N7! Welcome to the mines duder! Please post on the server thread once you know your Minecraft username.

There are also two super secret (read: why didn't we think of it earlier?) prizes for runners up SirOptimusPrime and GetEveryone! They both get the official game soundtrack by German soundsmith C418, gifted in digital form. (Support video game composers!!) Thanks again to Brackynews for dusting off the santa hat early; he'll be in touch soon.

There's a ton of games to keep busy with this season! If you decide to make Minecraft one of them, stop by and say hello won't you? Our fireplace stockings are always stuffed with coal, because they're baby diamonds.

Note from Nodderly: Every post I've made here was written by Bracky. He's done a ton of work for this behind the scenes, and I thank him for it.

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Awesome contest. As this is over imma lock this down.


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