Thinking of starting a Lets Play minecraft series.

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After watching though all of Adventures in Minecraft with X (channel link: ) I've been thinking to do the same. Mostly for another perspective on the game, and I'd love to be able to watch through them later on and see my world progress.
But I know this isn't a unique thing, and many people are doing their own lately. So I'm trying to brainstorm up something that will make mine a bit more interesting and original. So far I've got two ideas of what I can do:
First play it in what I like to call pseudo hardcore mode. Basicly, I spawn in a new world and just go exploring for a long ass time. Once I get completely lost to the point where I would never find my way there again from the spawn point, I start looking for a home. I actually played a world like this and spent 4 day cycles searching for some wheres that just screamed "perfect" to me. Of course on this trip I need to set up camps and hold out through the night, hunt pigs if I do get injured. The goal is to basicly make it so that if I die, that's it. Game over. Adds a whole new perspective on not taking any risks, never leaving at night unless well prepared, ect. Defiantly leaning on this one so far.
The second twist would be a 'comment/subscriber' driven world. Basicly at the end of each play segment (so many 15 min videos) I'd just leave it up in the air on what I do next (often times I'll suggest a few things). Then next time I start playing, I'll choose the most popular next step to take, be it an expansion on my home, a mineing exidition, or just pack up and leave for a new home, ANYTHING the comments want, I'll do. Obviously I'll hold some leverage in saying no to some ideas (drawing a giant dick out of sand, jumping to my death, ect). Only problem is I don't have a viewer base to really propel this thing forward. 
 I guess ideally I'd do the first, then move onto the 2nd somewhat if enough people are intrested.
But hey, that's only half the reason I'm posting this, anyone else got any good twists I could incorporate into my series to make it stand out above the rest?

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@MrChuckles: Sounds like a great idea - X's videos are really entertaining. I think to keep yours entertaining you'd need to build something that's evolving - moving around a lot and continually building camps might get a bit dull, and if you're constantly trying to avoid danger, then there might not be any excitement to the whole thing. Also, you want to try to avoid showing things everyone else has done; "here's me building a hole in the ground", "here's me building yet another workbench", etc. 
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One thing I've noticed when about lets plays is people in general prefer if it isn't just you playing, but you have some friends with you. Personally i would rather watch a multi person lets play than a solo. I suggest getting some friends together and doing it together.

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