This guy needs help with building the Enterprise. Amazing work!

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This guy isn't messing around. If you want to help message him. 
Take a look

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Yeah, I just saw that. I'm guessing you also follow Felecia Day on Twitter. It's amazing.

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You have my axe......if I ever play minecraft again

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If the site wasn't down I'd check it out

#5 Posted by Malakhii (1444 posts) -

I just saw this too, and my fucking jaw dropped. This guy is pretty intense. Totally awesome though. 

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@louiedog: I got to meet her at fan expo in Toronto. She is very nice!
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I just came here to post about this. Good to see that there's already a topic about it.
I have to say, that while I love seeing things like this, I also think that it is frankly insane.
Still, we would be nowhere without crazy people, so keep at it I guess.

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Great, now I'm aroused.

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bro is gonna get massive trekie bobs on him, hes a playar now

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Yeah, saw that earlier.
I have no feelings for Star Trek but that's fucking incredible.

#12 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Damn, that's awesome

#13 Posted by Delta_Ass (3807 posts) -

That's a great Enterprise D, but a terrible Utopia Planetia.

#14 Posted by Davvyk (780 posts) -

due to internet over saturation if not often my jaw drops but it dropped there

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Crazy god damn shit.
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#18 Posted by BionicMonster (1043 posts) -

pretty awesome though.

#19 Posted by sodiumCyclops (2778 posts) -

 That thing is huge!
Is he trying to follow some kind of scale?

#20 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2908 posts) -

As a Star Trek fan, this makes me wish I played Minecraft. I would call Ten-Forward.

#21 Posted by Baillie (4595 posts) -

This dude is a fucking hero.

#22 Posted by kalmis (1744 posts) -

I am speechless now.

#23 Posted by NoDeath (854 posts) -

Totally came to post this. Truly amazing. I would totally be willing to help him out.

#24 Posted by Castiel (2944 posts) -

Goddammit I wanted to post this! 
Oh well enjoy your 15 seconds of fame... weakling!

#25 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8504 posts) -
@sodiumCyclops said:
"  That thing is huge!  Is he trying to follow some kind of scale? "
I think he said in the vid that it's done on 1:1 scale.
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He mentions, 1:1
#27 Posted by Vager (1675 posts) -

Wow, just wow...

#28 Posted by SammydesinasNL (849 posts) -

Smart to make it out of bedrock before taking it online.
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@Delta_Ass said:
" That's a great Enterprise D, but a terrible Utopia Planetia. "
#30 Posted by MeierTheRed (5023 posts) -
@JammyJesus said:
" @sodiumCyclops: He mentions, 1:1 "
Yes if people actually read his description he writes its 1:1. And he imported the schematics for the decks and so on, in a format Minecraft could read.
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@CL60 said:
" Holy.Fucking.Shit. "
#32 Posted by CptChiken (2058 posts) -

Thats fucking insane.

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I dropped my jaw so hard it broke.
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I've been playing a metric shit-ton of Minecraft since I bought it two days ago, but I'm only playing on the Alpha mode with crafting and zombies. This might be a stupid question, but how is this guy playing, is this just a one man online game?

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I need to try this here Minecraft. 
Man, I could totally do Data's quarters.  His windowless, utilitarian room is quite unique and I know it quite well..

#36 Posted by TwoOneFive (9787 posts) -

dude, star trek is pretty awesome, that ship is so big, and its such a beautiful looking ship. i hope that one day in the future they make one. 

#37 Posted by NoDeath (854 posts) -
@officervanhalen: He's playing in classic mode. Infinite blocks and existing ones explode in one hit.
#38 Posted by JJWeatherman (14801 posts) -

The people that do this stuff are fucked up. 
I mean that in the best possible way though.

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