What makes a minecraft lets play entertaining to youtubers?

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I am quite curious because I am thinking of starting a minecraft lets play series.

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Kids love that shit. Toss out references to Naruto and crap and they'll eat it up.

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A personality I guess, think up some good topics to talk about before you start recording.
There's way too many minecraft youtubers out there to get away with just playing, maybe play with some cool mods.

Alternatively, go full retard like Tobuscus/pewdypie and hope to get people who watch MLP to latch on

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Hmm, well being funny is usually helpful.

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Boob thumbnails.

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Everything about the Achievement Hunters' let's play is amazing. Take cues from that.

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I always liked the faux-roleplay of the Shadow of Israphel series.

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Setting up a narrative for what you are doing and why, and just be a likable person in general. Like, there is no fun in watching any old fool just mining rock and building another house on the beach. But if you set up a story/purpose for what you are doing and keep the action fairly well paced "through the magic of editing" then there is totally room for some interest.

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Lots of surprises and jolly cooperation. Anthropomorphizing doesn't hurt either.

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Play multiplayer with people you have good chemistry with. Avoid private jokes that make sense to you and your friends but not viewers. Actually have fun, its really boring and frustrating to watch someone continue playing while they're bored and frustrated. Feel free to cheat if it's in service of fun and a more entertaining video. That was mostly what not to do but I hope it helps.

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Nothing, it's so boring and overdone now I don't even enjoy playing that game.

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Nothing, it's so boring and overdone now I don't even enjoy playing that game.

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This thread is 3 months old.

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World first.

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Minecraft Lets play are favored by all ages. One observation i made was multiple people playing a lets play together is favored over solo letsplay, do to the fact that they are generally more fun.

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