Whiskey Media's Minecraft Server: Part Deux!

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I need to build again, but I am out of ideas atm, maybe I'll do some youtube rabbithole drifting, and see if I can find a project.

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@WhiskeyAbe: I've been feeling the urge to take loads of people who still play on the server, and the guys saying they want to get back into it, turn a direction, and then just go. Go until new biomes hit, and then make a giant city. A proper city. Like Alastia, but...huger. Say like, each person gets a giant chunk of the city to build shit on, whatever they want. Doesn't even need to be a nice grid city or anything, just large chunks of land to eventually make a big city together. Maybe have everyone start relatively near each other and build outwards.

Always wanted to make just...a giant city that shows off the building styles of everyone. Mostly because it seems that everyone is just so spread out over the server - there are awesome creations and cities all over, but no one seems to visit them much.

@Nodderly: @RandomHero666: @Marnox: @Brodehouse: @Subjugation: @FlemmingM: @Lumley: @Darkstar_KoP:

You guys have any thoughts about this idea?
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@Capum15: Sounds like a plan. When this turns into just me you and fuzz we can just claim ther server for our own and kill Nod (maybe AJ also). win... win <3

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@Capum15: Sounds lovely. Count me in. Would be cool to build a city, where we didn't alter the original landscape too much. A city with houses on different levels and the roads following along that landscape. It's the thing I loved about stuff like the old crater city... People just build a city in a big hole, without altering too much... sometimes a all flat city is just boring.

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@Capum15: You have my pickaxe!

@FlemmingM: You are lovely too Gnubbs, also your idea about a natural city growing with the landscape sounds lovely :))))

Let´s do this thing!

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@Darkstar_KoP: Hah.
@FlemmingM: @Marnox:
Glad to see you gents are up for it. I have classes for this foreseeable week unless nature dumps more snow on us, but I get back pretty early in the day and can play in the afternoon (Mountain Standard Time) depending on what I have to do. Weekends are nice and fine too. We should start trying to find a time so we can have a decent group head off to adventureland, and we can bring in any who miss it but wanna join (via escorting or me/Nod summoning duders).

I just want it kind of far to make sure the stuff that spawns is nice and new. Need to look at the map sometime to figure that out.
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I would be up for this.

In fact, not so long ago when Dark and me were trying to get to South Padre islands the old fashioned way, and saw some sweet landscapes when we were lost, the topic of starting a new settlement was brought up.

I think it'd be great, I would definitely record it and make it a little mini series.

Giantbomb crew quest for new pastures, erection of Utopia

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@RandomHero666: Excellent! The more the merrier! Or at least more crazy.

Also forgot to list my times. I'm usually home and able to play by 3PM depending on how early class ends. Weekends are also mostly clear. Mountain Standard Time, US.
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My work schedual is so varid depending on where I am in my 6-week period. But for this weekend I can play from around 6pm GMT. I do have tomorrow and thursdasy off!

Why don't we all start using SWATCH-internet time?

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@WhiskeyAbe: @Nodderly: @RandomHero666: @Marnox: @Brodehouse: @Subjugation: @FlemmingM: @Lumley: @Darkstar_KoP:
So how about this weekend? Not sure of a specific time, but just during the weekend. If we can get a few guys to just go and find an area, we can teleport people over as duders get on.

Edit: To be more clear about this, I mostly just wanna go adventuring for an hour or two or more with a somewhat larger group for once instead of just me and sometimes 1-2 people. If we find a neat place, then we can just start making things there. Hopefully eventually expand that into some crazy city or something to get people playing again.
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@Capum15: Sounds good to me, I've got a free weekend.

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Happy to see Nowhere.

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Working this weekend, but I will log on when I get home and see what's up!

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@Nodderly: you know why the server keeps dying every while?

It's up for 10mins or so, then dies for 5, then up again etc.

Hopefully it'll be ok tomorrow for the thing we plan on doing :3

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@RandomHero666 No idea what's up! I'm keeping an eye on the console.

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thanks man, it's going off every now and then, did just now but was rejoinable right away

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@RandomHero666: It's getting weird up in this console! They're performing an upgrade on the server's web interface, so maybe that's part of it? I'm still working on it.

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I'm down for building some stuff this weekend but now server is actin' up!

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All better! Weird mod issues with Endermen. Seems stable now. There may be a rogue chunk error out there; let me know if you spot it.

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I will try to get on tonight... Though it depends on if some of my other plans falls through.

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This sounds like an idea I could get behind. Work has been crazy lately and DayZ has been taking my time in its clutches, but I'm fighting.

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Good to see people wanting in!

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Guess what? I'm on the server RIGHT NOW D:

... and pretty aimless :<

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Well that was definitely fun, hope to see you guys on more!

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@Darkstar_KoP: Nova Bombica is coming on very nicely. The nether rail is almost done, me and Fuzzy should finish up the last bit tomorrow or so if we don't go crazy from the tediousness. All we need to do is enclose the last of this straight bit and I just need to make the spawn station and duders can take a rail line back and forth from NB to Spawn in relative safety. Only annoying part are the pigmen who spawn on the rails, but they usually don't bounce you backwards.
Edit: The nether railway from Nova Bombica to Spawn is done! If you go into the Frat House at spawn, under the stairs to the basement and into the giant room lined with Bookshelves, you can see a portal-looking thing on the left, acting as a doorway to the portal room. Take that Nether Portal and you should be brought to the Nether spawn area. I've linked the glass walkway thing (and put up signs) to an enclosed little tunnel which has two exits to the Nether mid-way, and leads to the spawn station. From there, you can enjoy a few minutes' ride to Nova Bombica in a fully enclosed Nether railway!

A few things for the intrepid traveler - If you take a minecart from one place to the other, please remove it from the track when you arrive at your destination and put it in the nearby chest. Also be advised that it seems pretty impossible to keep Pigmen from spawning - one usually doesn't do anything, but two can bump you backwards. If you encounter any rebound-causing pigmen, just hit your cart to pop it off the track and shuffle past them (or stab them, either will probably work).
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Have one of you ever played around with Tekkit? It's a great mod that brings tons of new stuff to Minecraft

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@nictel: Yeah Tekkit is awesome, there's a pretty good Tekkit Server ran by a Giantbomb duder called Beardfish, thread about it.

I prefer Feed the Beast though :3

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@nictel: Yep, like Random said, Beardfish has a Tekkit server. We've also played a bit on a private server too. The only thing I hate about Feed The Beast is the lack of Equivalent Exchanges' Alchemist Bags. Those are so kickass.

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@darkstar_kop: Digging the netherbrick/sandstone combo looks really good together

Started a new project, just having trouble finding the right bricks for the look...

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Anyone know if Massif is still around? map could do with an update.
So much stuff i wanna see, so much new stuff

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Anyone know if Massif is still around? map could do with an update.

So much stuff i wanna see, so much new stuff

Man, I'd love to see Nova Bombica on the map.

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@nodderly: Can I be white-listed at "SxyToad"?

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The year was 1986, He was a teenager like any other.. dreaming of his heroes and in love with a girl.

But on a thunderous night along a ragged coast a mysterious red car came to him, Its power lighting his eyes blood-red.

In a flash all was lost in the hellfire of twisted metal.

When our hero emerged from the burning wreckage, he and the car had become one, their souls spliced forever.

Leaving him to wander the night alone, Invisible to everyone but her.

I wonder could I make a 3D Ferrari, hmmmmmm

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@darkstar_kop: I approve of all those things.
Guess that spot is our 'special event/holiday' location now, much better than its previous use :P

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So... Who wanna be Origin friends and build cities and stuff in Sim City? :)
Add me, Mariasu on origin!

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This there a chance I can get added to this server?

my minecraft name is Solid_Jackal

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I would like to be whitelisted as well! My in-game name is sithtoast

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I wonder how many people read the first post lol

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@jasondesante: Well, after the thread was remade, I totally missed that for a long time. Granted I was already in the server due to the previous world, but still.

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Soooooo.... what's new, everybody?

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Update story time folks, 1.5!

    • New Scoreboard System
    • New Inventory Management
      • Double click items to fill the stack up as much as possible.
      • Drag item stacks around to divide them up over the dragged-over slots.
      • Drag item stacks around with the right mouse button to place one of that stack in each dragged-over slot, if that slot is not occupied already.
      • Shift + double click items in a crafting area to place all items in the inventory.
      • Shift + double click an item stack to move all other item stacks of that kind to that part of the inventory.
      • Pressing Q while the mouse is over an item in the inventory or a container to drop it
      • Held armor can be equipped by right-clicking.
    • New Death Messages
    • Renamed / Improved the naming of some items.
    • Activator Rails! Used to activate "Minecart with TNT".
    • Minecart with TNT! Pretty much what it says. Won't destroy the rail or blocks supporting it.
    • Block of Redstone! A block of redstone, emits a constant charge and is pushable via piston.
    • Daylight Sensor! Uses sunlight to output a redstone signal. Strength depends on sunlight, and is affected by rain.
    • Dropper - places items into a container in front of it. Or else drops them at you.
    • Hopper - Similar, but from above.
    • Minecart with Hopper! Sucks items from above them.
    • Minecart with Spawner! Only really available with mods and external editors.
    • Redstone Comparator does things.
    • Trapped Chests! Because fuck you!
    • Weighted Pressure Plates! Drop stuff to activate!
    • Can make Netherbrick by smelting Netherrack!
    • Nether Quartz! Make daylight sensor and RS comparators, or put it together to make pretty marble-looking blocks! Can also put two blocks together and make a pillar. Can get stairs, slabs, etc from it. It's about as common as iron in the overworld, and works with Silk Touch and Fortune enchantments.
    • Multiple Snow Heights! Fuck yeah!
      • Fully implemented - previously, a world editor could be used for different heights of snow
      • Drops one snowball for every layer of snow
      • Each level of snow has its own height collision
        • The topmost layer of snow does not have collision, so the player is always slightly sunken in the snow
        • Visually, four layers of snow is the same height as a slab. However, five layers of snow has the same collision height as a slab
      • Crafting recipe is 3 snow blocks in a row to create 6 snow layers
        • For each thin layer of snow crafted, the player loses exactly half the snowballs required to produce it
    • Sandstone Double Slab is a thing!Increased Beacon Range!Bonemeal kinda nerfed, now puts crops at random stages instead of "finished".Infinite Water has been pimped!
      • Creating an infinite water source no longer needs a block underneath, but has to have a water source block.
      • This means you won't ruin rivers or oceans with buckets.
    • Dispensers pimped as well!
      • Now equip armor to players that are up to 1 block away
      • Can place and activate TNT
      • Now use Bone Meal on a crop or sapling in front of them
      • Can create fire in front of them with Flint and Steel, which consumes durability
      • They can now face all 6 directions, and use a different texture when facing up or down
      • No longer fire while updated, instead they fire when their input becomes powered
    • Zombies Buffed!
      • Alert other zombles in an area when alerted to a player.
      • Do more damage as they lose health.
      • Can set players on fire, if they are on fire.
    • Become aggressive at longer ranges when shot.
    • Skeletons Buffed!
      • Will shoot you from 16 blocks, rather than 10.
      • Will shoot you faster at closer range.
      • Will shoot you one block away.
    • Abandoned Mineshafts now spawn Minecarts with Chests instead of regular chests.
    • And as per usual, a ton of bug fixes.

That about sums it up! As usual, here is the link to the Version History page on the Minecraft wiki if you want to read everything with more information.

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Many people playing on this server still? I havent logged on in months and it wont let me now.

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@laserbolts: A few people still get on. I haven't gotten on in a week or two though, mostly because of other games taking up my time. Anyway, you should PM Nod about that log-on issue.

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I've been pretty busy with other stuff lately, mostly GW2 and some other personal things.
Updated to the latest version, 1.5, so can't play on here until It's updated really

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I started another project, but I haven't been on much due to rl, and school :(

Hope to finish somewhat soon

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Hey guys, last week I tried making a modpack, like tekkit, it worked to an extent but was way too buggy to be a thing.

Instead, I changed it up a bit to suit the current requirements for this server.
So if your regular minecraft launcher is unable to connect, you can use this with the technic launcher :3

Make sure you have the latest version of Technic launcher.
launch it, on the left side is a list of modpacks, click on 'add new pack'
Copy and Paste the following link in when it asks for a platform URL.


You can now connect to this server with technic, i also added a few clientside mods that don't add new items or anything, but make the whole game a lot more playable, technic will install all that for you though.

Mods included:
REIs minimap
Inventory tweaks

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Works like a charm, and it's nice to have a mini map :D

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