Whiskey Media's Minecraft Server: Part Deux!

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@whiskeyabe: yeah, with waypoints too you can see exactly how far from spawn you are :)
And flat pixel art looks pretty nice on it

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Any chance someone can put up the minecraft version the server is using for download somewhere, I recently reformatted and forgot about minecraft, and I can only find the most recent version on the minecraft site, been wanting to play recently.

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Use the Technic Launcher and add the Giantbomb modpack Randomhero put up at the bottom of the last page. Pretty simple.

Though I seem to be getting an End of Stream error with both the Technic Launched and regular MC version.

@nodderly: Halp!

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@nodderly: Yay!

@kerse: I can now confirm that the Technic Launcher GB pack works on getting to the server!

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@kerse: here is the link to the version the server runs on


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Is the server going to be updated to 1.5.1? I am not able to get into it.

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@randomhero666 said:
So if your regular minecraft launcher is unable to connect, you can use this with the technic launcher :3

Make sure you have the latest version of Technic launcher.

launch it, on the left side is a list of modpacks, click on 'add new pack'

Copy and Paste the following link in when it asks for a platform URL.


This works, folks. Tried it myself. Thanks again for putting it together, duder. Supremely easy to do.

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@capum15: np, was sick of being on 1.5.1 and not being able to join.
Also it's relatively easy to update and change

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Man, 1.6 will be pretty cool. Carpets (about bloody time), horses, mules, horse armor, animal tethers / leashes (leash an animal and walk him home and tether to a post), animal/mob nametags (apparently you can rename animal/mob eggs in 1.5? but then nametags for already-there animals) and they prevent despawning...zombies seem to be able to spawn other zombies...

Looking forward to making another large bullet list.

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@darkstar_kop: looking better every time I see it, let me know if/when you make a video.. interested in seeing if you go with my amazing music recommendation :P

Also, if anyone who is using the technic pack I made has been crashing, specifically when in creative and clicking on the chest to view your survival inventory.. I took out invtweaks, the mod that was causing it and re-uploaded it.

If you're already using it, and have crashes, click the little red - on the modpack selection thing, and paste in the link again to add it back without that mod. If you haven't been crashing there's no point really, it's a pretty handy mod.

Link to paste:


It still has Optifine and the minimap

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My god, it's full of pixels.

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PM sent :3

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The Technic pack is temporarily broken, need to update to 1.5.2 later :D

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k peeps, got the technic pack working again.
I know there's not much need for it now the server is up to date, but the map, optifine and NEI are pretty handy.

URL to paste into technic launcher 'add new pack' below.

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Is there any way I could get whitelisted for the server?

Username: Faltru

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By popular demand, here's the latest version of the GB server world for you to download:


Should be about 2.1gb. Have fun!

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@nodderly said:

By popular demand, here's the latest version of the GB server world for you to download:


Should be about 2.1gb. Have fun!

Hey Nodderly, I don't know if you remember me, I use to play in the server. Like, a year ago. My computer has been broken, UNTIL NOW!

I would love a whitelist add, if you could. I haven't played Minecraft in so long, my creative fingers are itching like a mother.

Name is Rynoceros!

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Good news, everyone! The teleporters are working again!

Bad news, everyone. They spawn you inside a block for reasons I do not understand. Use with caution.

Who built the cool structure near the Birches? It's awesome!

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@darkstar_kop: I like the new paint on my compound. Really brings out the...warmth of the place.

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@nodderly: I've got the Minecraft itch again, and my old server's no longer in operation.

Whitelist please, same as my GB username.

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Hey guys, Dark and myself have rented a server for FTB, some non-vanilla fun times and sad times, thread is right here

Anyone is welcome, more the merrier, would be cool to have its cherry popped by some of the big builders in here :P

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I must have died over 10 times trying to find some nether quartz today. The one time I found some after building a portal in the middle of the ocean I get my ass blown to bits by asshole ghasts, and now I can't find where the portal is.


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@randomhero666: Very sad I missed the kabooms. T__T Good times, yessir.

@nodderly: It's like downloading 2 gigs of my misspent youth. Delicious gigs.

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Horse update next week! Anyone else excited?

Also, some of the teleporters seem broken. Kept porting into rocks and suffocating.

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@zomgfruitbunnies: yeah the teleporters are still a bit broken, not as broken as they once were though :D and if you jump fast enough i think you can get out.

I tried the snapshot a while ago, horses seemed pretty laggy, like minecarts only less, but that was a while ago so they're probably better now. Pretty fun looking forward to it

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If one were interested in becoming part of this server, how would one go about doing that?

(I'm talking about me, by the way.)

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@tyrellocp: First you must bring me a shrubbery.

Or just read the first post.

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Any chance for a server update to 1.6 in the near future?

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@nodderly: Is this still running? If so, am I still on the whitelist?

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@example1013: Server's still online for sure. It got upgraded to 1.6.2 last week.

Horses so hard to find :<

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WELL. Pretty quiet around here lately, isn't it? It is. That was a rhetorical question. Shut up.

I wonder if the problem is the server, or the game. Many of us might just be burned out on Minecraft, in which case there's nothing I can do for you. Some of us, though, might just be burned out on the current server. It's very built-up, which I find makes a world a little less interesting after a while.

Let me know what you're thinking, guys. If it's just the game, I can leave everything alone. If it's the server, I can fix that! I'll zip up the current world, throw it on a download site for those who want it, and we can start with a fresh new world. I'm open to suggestions.

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@nodderly: I haven't seen anyone else on the server for a good while now. Probably just burned out or playing other games. Heck, I mostly just go on Minecraft binges these days.

A new world is a super awesome idea, though. I'm gonna miss the rail system, but at least there will be horses!


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I'm down for whatever people would want at the end of the day. I have some things in here I would miss but if you want to burn it down and start fresh that could be fun also. I would like to hear from more people that have put a great amount of time into this world as starting a new map could kill the chance of them coming back. 2¢

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I've been a bit busy with school and been a bit burned out on minecraft, and when I do play it's on the FTB server. I'd say keep the old one, or maybe make a new world with a portal to the old one(you can do that, right?)

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@darkstar_kop said:

I'm down for whatever people would want at the end of the day. I have some things in here I would miss but if you want to burn it down and start fresh that could be fun also. I would like to hear from more people that have put a great amount of time into this world as starting a new map could kill the chance of them coming back. 2¢

This is how I'm feeling. I love all the shit I've built...I've put hours and hours into it...but, if the overall feeling was a new start, sure. I'd just have to make my Mordor Summer Home Mk...god, like, 6? I've remade that house so much, and I've only perfectly replicated the structure one time.

I've just been busy with other games, honestly. Just so many, and after playing on the server for months straight I burnt out on it for a while. Glad to hear the server updated though, I'll need to throw on my giant list of update stuff in a post here soon, even though it's a tad late. Hopefully I can get back into the Minecraft mode soon.

Man, I remember the first time the server changed over to Nods' control...I made my compound with a cobble /kit in the middle of a huge lake, and made basically the entire thing purely in survival mode. Those were good times. I really should hop back on the server and go make things.

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I haven't been on here in a while sadly, steam sale came, then Dark rented a Feed The Beast server which took up my usual minecraft time.
Like these other guys has been saying, there's a lot of cool stuff on the current server, but it means nothing if no one is playing to see any of it, while it Drains Nods bank funds.

A fresh start would probably get a few people back on, I do love starting over with nothing, a virgin world to explore and destroy with weird buildings is always very fun, to me at least.. and i'm sure many people are put off by the fact the world is several years old by now, it was pretty overwhelming when i first played.

At the end of the day, Nodderly is paying for it, if 1 or 2 duders play on it now and then, it's up to him to decide what to do. The world can always be available to download and play in single player or a local server if we feel like blowing up the frat house... again

I know one thing, I met a lot of great guys on this server, and it will always be the best server in the world, no matter what happens i will play on it, even if it's not too often, or if I Burn out and have a few weeks break.

<3 Fuzzy

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my experience recently was that sad thing which made me almost cry every time I look at the pixel art near spawn, then after a while I check and 1.6 came out, and I've been having a weird problem updating so I haven't bothered to actually do it, so thats whats been keeping me on the server recently.

About the future, if something is to happen to the current map, I think we need to get the GB guys on the server before we think about doing anything to the current map. Maybe have a celebration, final goodbye to an era and get Jeff and the gang to come along. I donno, what do you think? The server has a special place in my heart and I think it would be a shame to wipe it without sharing the experience of what we learnt with the rest of Giant Bomb. What I mean is we need to explain how we turned those blocks into a community :D

Anyone else think the same? I would be totally cool with moving on for a number of reasons, but I will always feel like the adventure wasn't complete if we never got at least Jeff to log on and be given a tour. The server is special because of the people I met there, but also for what I learnt about all games, and about myself. At the very least we need to get a hold of Patrick and get him to write something about it, if we can't convince any of them to play the PC version of Minecraft :P

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