Whiskey Media's Minecraft Server: Part Deux!

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You know what this server doesn't have yet? A 30 x 30 quarry down to bedrock that opens up to the sky. I'm too busy / lazy to do it all myself, but it seems like something cool to have so everyone who wanted could put in a few minutes making the thing deeper. Somewhere close to the main spawn, but in a place where it wouldn't be too much of an eye-sore.

If there aren't any objections, I'd like to get it started in the area marked in the image.

(I pulled the 30 x 30 dimensions out of nowhere, maybe that's too big?)

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@Lively: There are some caverns between levels 30 and 12 around Spawn Point. I would recommend under the water, without opening to the sky. This puts the quarry underground, and uses the lake near the Frog as topcover. One could use /spawn, procede to quarry, then come back to Spawn Point for teleport action. BTW: I do have a branch mining op under my Pentagon, where some of the lines are under your Yellow X.

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@Capum15: I will do that later this evening when I'm not shirking work by posting on Giant Bomb. :D

@Lively: I don't think anyone has claimed that land, so it's yours if you want it!

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@Marnox: Thanks!

Edit: Er... I should probably tell you that I'm actually Papanuke.

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@FunExplosions: Clever girl.

@Nodderly: Wow I didn't realise Lockette was such a recent addition to the server. Great jorb.

Is there a thread, or better(?) yet, a guide for community-size server projects? (The chain world thread doesn't count of course.)

I have never seen the Zelda II desert palace built in MC, and I can't think of a more perfect server for it. ;)

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@Brackynews: There is nothing official for community projects. You're welcome to start a thread if you like, or you can put a sign on the message board near spawn. The desert palace idea sounds amazing, though!

Edit: Also, I'm sick of calling it spawn! We need a great name for the area. I'm now soliciting name suggestions! I'll take the suggested names and run an election on the server. The person who submits the winning name will get... a full stack of a block of their choice? Even forbidden blocks like ice or sponge or ores. Does that seem like a decent reward?

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I suggest the name "The Ramtops". Perhaps that name fits the area with the towers most, rather than spawn. oh well.

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Ramtops may be better for the town/area. I suggest the name : Planetfall for the spawn plaza. Always liked Spawn Plaza but you don't like spawn.

BTW....community mine access via stairway on bayside of west Planetfall (spawn for most of us). Dig below level 45. This keeps the sea/ocean over the quarry activity wthout bringing down neighborhood property values. At level 45, closer to the good stuff we can't /more on. Wait, did I say moron?

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server is down

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Message just before the world ended was updates would be initiated. Standing by!

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@DaddyTin: What about just "The Plaza"?
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I have no idea what the updates were, but the server is up now.

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Can I get whitelisted? I was whitelisted on the old server but had to stop playing for a while, hope to be more active now though.

Edit: name's Menseguez

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can't seem to get on still?

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@CaptainTryHard: Minecraft crashed on me and now I can't get in either. It basically locks up when I try to get in the server, then eventually says that it "Took too long to log in" or "End of Stream".

There are still 3 people in the server though, according to the game.

Edit: And I was scoping out a place to start on a project. *sadface*
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Weird. I logged out normally, Capum15. Ryno, Bracky and I (Papanuke) were all still on until I logged out.

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@Anviltongue: Yeah, I saw there were 3 people still on. Are you able to re-join though?

Just spent an hour playing some World in Conflict and tried to join again, but still can't.
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the discussion boards are blowing up right now with people going OMFG MY SERVER ISNT WORKING WTF AHHHH TROLLINGGGG


its hilarious

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@jasondesante: When a MC server is online but you can't log in, it's normally the Mojang auth server that's having the problem. Whitelist can't verify who you are. I stayed logged in no problem, but after logging out I'm same as you, can't log back in.

My top vote for /spawn is "The Square". Simple. Elegant. Or a variant like Plaza Square. Would also vote for "Ground Zero". If it's not GB or MC related it's too kitschy. ;)

And thanks @Nodderly for adding the new project guide to OP. It's publicly editable folks, so have at it and I'll keep up with publishing. With guides I strongly recommend you keep a local copy of what you write, in case it breaks! (Also tell @snide you love guides and to please keep the engineers working on them.)

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Yep, locks up when I try to join, after about a minute it tell me it took too long.

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@jasondesante: Aaaaaah, alright, so it's not on my end. I just started playing Escape Velocity: Nova some more so I didn't really mind this.

@Brackynews: Plaza Square would be good. Also, for some reason "Center Mass" just popped into my head. Hmm, what's a good Starter Town name?

Whelp, hope it gets sorted out soon. Back to some EV: Nova. Currently going with the Auroran storyline, which is the only one I have left.

Edit: Wait! I know what happened to the Authentication Server! Someone...

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I'm trying to edit the guide to add LuchaVille to it but it's not letting me add anything to the 'Named Regions' section, I don't if this is something on my end (ie me being a bit stupid) or the guide owners end.

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@Lumley: there isnt any button or anything for anyone to edit it......and the giude on how to edit giantbomb guides explains nothing. lol

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@jasondesante: You know what this means. Make a guide for the Guide on how to edit Guides. Guideception.


Alright. It's 5AM. I'm getting that tired crazy where you talk way too much and think of the most random things. Good luck, have Batman.
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I quite like "The Square" or "Whiskey Square"

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Is anyone still having trouble with the server? I was able to connect.

I was thinking of the name for the region that includes the spawn and many of the towers/castles, not just the square. We need something to call that area!

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@Menseguez: Done!

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@Nodderly: The Drop? Cause, you know, that's where the GiantBombers first dropped onto the server and began building?

Bomb... drop.

Get it?

That's all I got.

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How about "King's Landing", a la Game of Thrones? Maybe not that precisely, but something that will communicate this city is the shining jewel at the center of a great empire.

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FYI, I just logged on and saw that someone griefed the Ness and Kirby pixel-art.

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Yes, thanks for letting me know. I'm... looking into it.

EDIT: Culprit identified. This will be handled. Thanks to Capum15 for getting all CSI with me. :D

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Another name idea; "Planetfall" sounds a little too sci-fi, how about "Starfall"?

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@Nodderly: :P

I left some materials at Ness and Kirby to whoever wants to rebuild 'em.

What about "The Hub" for spawn? A bit cliche, but never a bad name.
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I promise I'll be back on shortly. Things have just been very busy lately. </3

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Are mobs meant to be spawning inside/on top of the frat house? I thought they could only spawn on grass/in caves?

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@dudeglove said:

Are mobs meant to be spawning inside/on top of the frat house? I thought they could only spawn on grass/in caves?

We went over this gloverdude. If the torches aren't a rockin', then creepers come a knockin'.
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@Subjugation: @Capum15: @Lively: @Nodderly: @Anviltongue: @FunExplosions: @jasondesante:

Okay, great, if I don't make any remarks here, you're going to take his words as fact. Here's what happened over the course of the past week or so since I've joined the server

1. I set up a room at the frat house

2. Outside the frat house, there doesn't seem to be anything of particular interest (no signs saying don't do shit, nor any order to the trees, only torches every where and to top it all off there's a rather dangerous pit down into a big ass cavern just to the left of the path leading away from the frat house). So I start building a 3x3 staircase nearby down to the bedrock, to look for, y'know, stuff.

3. I hit bedrock, see a couple of massive caverns along the way and come along some other dude's farm nearish.

4. A few days later, I stick up a small shitty cobblestone house for whatever dumb reason (like, I dunno stop zombies and skellies from dropping in on me the way back up).

5. The next day (which was yesterday-ish), I emerge from the frat house to find that, not only is the cobble stone piece of shit gone, but the whole area has been covered with dirt and trees planted on top (nice touch by the way). Initially I thought I was hallucinating, but after I bit of digging, I find the stair well again. So, rather than doing the same shitty cobblestone house thing again, I branch the path from the frat house out to the side using the same stone blocks and aesthetic and, y'know, make it actually look nice. I stick up some fences and torches too make it look orderly (hell, why not go the extra mile?). And then I stick a sign by my 3x3 thing that says "THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION" i.e. it was clear someone took exception to my original design (fair enough) and so I remedied this by matching the surroundings. Standard fare for normal servers I thought. Don't build a big golden cock tower in a wooden village, for example

6. Today I come back on to the server to find jasondesante in the act of destroying everything (again) and apparently the following had happened while I was asleep:

- I allegedly ruined some garden of his. In point 2 I saw no such garden or any flowers or signs or anything else, and me chopping down that mess of trees to find the stairwell again was apparently me griefing him

- I apparently burned the frat house down overnight(!), and that my sign is somehow evidence of this, and destroyed all of jasondesante's pixel art and country house (I literally have no idea where that is).

7. I ask jasondesante why the hell he's doing that.

8. Jasondesante throws a shit fit and kills me with his diamond sword. A moronic chat argument for five minutes proceeds wherein I am accused of everything bad that happened over the past 12 hours (arson, theft, destruction etc.).

9. Jasondesante leaves in a huff to come and throw blind accusations at me on a public forum.

To add to the previous remarks, I would like to note the following:

- I have never stolen anyone's diamonds.

- I gave away a buttload of redstone to one of you guys yesterday out of goodwill.

- I have not set fire to ANYTHING

- I don't even know how to make pixel art.

So, in conclusion, rather than furthering this retarded happy slapping fight - fuck it. You win, jason. I am currently digging up everything that I did the other day and replanting some trees. I will dig elsewhere and you can do whatever it is the hell you want by the frat house to offset whatever attention deficit disorder you have.

And yes, as Capum15 noted, there was a communication problem and I should have asked before digging/building near the frat house. Whatever. Done now. I have better things to do than get involved in online drama with someone who kills me on first sight. Wasting ten minutes on writing this out is bad enough.

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Well, I was going to write a big thing about it, but it's settled.


Edit: To clarify, both parties have settled this.

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Is there anything wrong with the server? I can't connect.

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Is there anything wrong with the server? I can't connect.

I couldn't possibly imagine why that is.

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@jasondesante: There's no chance you'll be given creative mode, like ever. This is a survival server, for everyone - and it always will be. With exceptions for the OP of course but dude, he pays money just so we can play on this server so I think we can let him off :P

Sounds like shit's hitting the fan once again. Unless some serious anti-grief measures come into action like on the old server - which everyone was against (no lava in buckets, no flint and steel, auto kicked if ever holding them) it's going to be hard to get away from this. Maybe a Bukkit plugin to slow down the spread of fire even further could help?

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@Lumley: The server can track Lava and TNT, not sure on the Fire part. I thought there was something that could track that in the old server, or Flint and Steel usage.
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@Capum15: I think in the old server it was if anybody clicked on anything with flint and steel they got kicked off the server and immediately banned, but that wasn't in effect for that long.

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Bracky! You've locked me in my mushroom house!

Edit: And that community mine of yours was a deathtrap, that was not fun getting out of.

Looks like I've been evicted :P

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Yikes! I sleep for a couple of hours and this thread turns into a soap opera. Let me break a few things down.

1. Dudeglove did not grief Jason's stuff. Period. I know approximately when it occurred, and I know when people log in and out. Further, there was a dirt scaffolding used to reach the pixel art. I can tell who placed blocks and when. These dirt blocks were placed over the course of about half an hour, then the person placing them logged off. It's pretty clear what happened, and it was not Dudeglove. I also know that this person stole from at least two of us, and it seems reasonable to assume he was responsible for other thefts as well.

2. If someone is building something on territory that you consider yours, it isn't your job to take it down. The first post has some statements to that effect for precisely this reason.

3. If something of yours has been griefed, I strongly encourage you to not Hulk out over it and get your vigilante justice on. As happened in this case, I can put on my Batman skin and investigate the crime. I have access to a lot more information than anyone else, and I'm dressed like the world's greatest detective. Give me a chance.

To help cover some of these situations when I'm not around, I've added a new moderator: Capum15. I'm sure you all know him, he's been around forever. He won't have access to server-level information like I will, so he isn't going to be responsible for griefer investigations or anything. He will be around to help out if something is being actively griefed, and he will be able to provide repair supplies if needed. Let's give him a hand for bravery.

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@Nodderly: Sooo... will Capum15 be able to strike me down with lightning. Just...uh...wondering.

Seriously, congrats Capum15. Here's hoping you get to use your new server god powers on a griefer. Preferably in an arena or coliseum. With the rest of us watching.

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@Anviltongue: No lightning powers for mods. Yet. Now that you mention it, though...

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