Whiskey Media's Minecraft Server: Part Deux!

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I would like to build a PvP Arena. A Small one to start with 1v1/2v2.

@Shademonger  If people have a figihting spirit we could build  a larger one for larger teams together?  I really miss the Alsatia arena.


: Do you have any desired place for such an arena? Or support any location I find with it's own teleport?
 It should be easy to get in the arena than out again. So that people won't feel it's a hassle - therefore use it more.
Like  Luchamoose: "let's fight you knobhead" DaddyBronze: "Fine, se you in the arena smellyfish!" with teleport they can easily /spawn then Arena portal. They are in a fight superfast! 
And when they wanna leave just /spawn and the back to whatever they were doing.
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@Marnox: A proper spleef arena would be awesome. Build anywhere you like, I'll supply the teleporter and any additional materials you want.

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@dudeglove I can vouch for glover. He has better things to do than grief video game servers.

Also, I thought the frat house was an empty stone building. Didn't think you could burn stone!
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@Marnox: @Nodderly: Feel free to build one in my neck of the woods.

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@Anviltongue: You are Papanuke right? I'm Murundi. So many names to remember!
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@Marnox: Yes, so many names! And yes, I'm Papanuke.

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@Nodderly: Server is giving me a 'took to long to log in' atm.

also I died for the first time today on the server, and the orbs didn't cause a slow-down at all. Whatever problems that were in the past with the orbs seems gone.

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@FlemmingM: I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the Minecraft authentication servers have pooed themselves, again. I can't even play without going into offline mode.

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Sorry guys, server reads as fine. Must be Mojang. :(

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@jasondesante: It isn't dudeglove. No one's gonna spend an extra 20 bucks just so they can grief a server. Especially not someone in their early 20s with limited funds, who has a significant time investment in this website. No one's mad at you except Dudgelove, because who wouldn't be mad when they get accused of something they didn't do?  
In the immortal words of O.J. Simpson: I just hope we can get this resolved, so we can look for the real perpetrators.


Yeah, can't even log in, definitely Mojang. 
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Everyone. Just eat a sandwich.
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@jasondesante: Hey there young man, you must realize that for us this is kinda lika "whaaaaat?". At least that is how I feel. I think you are a good guy, you helped me out and even built the road to Sto right? And the Frat house? (Murundi here btw and I suck at remembering names in real life, let alone in games.)

For me I don't really understand what happened. As far as I grasp the situation there is some confusion about ownage of a certain spot and who "griefed" it first? Or that -the one who shall not be named but is now banned- stirred this up and you two got in a fight over nothing/caused by said other person ? In any case, I find it hard to believe you would do harm on purpose. You took action and destroyed something you felt was in your "area"? If so, all the power to you. Unless there was a sign saying "Someones House". Then probably just go on the forum and ask about it. I assume there was no signage and therefore I don't blame you for taking it down.
I do love my signs. People should sign more. Clears a lot confusion.
Anyways, I have no ill feelings towards. In some ways I believe your side more, based on no evidence obviousl - just a cozy feelin. Unfair to dudeglove I'm sure. Perhaps I should stay silent about this and/or neutral, but alas... 
You've done some great work on the server, shame to see it be and count for nothing.
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And I thought it said 'You Have A Big Dick'. Funny how reading a decision tree flow chart can get things mixed up.

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@jasondesante: Are you seriously still whining?

1) The issue has been solved.

2) Like @FunExplosions: said, "No one's mad at you except Dudgelove"

3) All of these long-ass posts your making are getting no where.

4) This is a fucking video game. This aint no real life politics bullshit. It's a game where you dig holes for christ sake.

5) What @Subjugation: said.

6) Call the fuck down.

7) It's a video game.

8) It's a video game.

Just leave it at this: You thought it was dudeglove, he said it wasn't him, you kept accusing him, he kept denying it, Nodderly found out who the culprit was, the culprit has been dealt with. End of story. Now move on and go make so pixel art or whateverr.

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@jasondesante: This has gotten completely out of control.

There is only one person reacting strongly here, and it's you. I sincerely recommend, as a fellow human, that you take a deep breath and think about this rationally.

It really sucks to have your stuff griefed. I think we've all felt it at one point or another. That said, it's Minecraft. Nothing in it is permanent. You've gotten a little off track here. Please try to understand where the rest of us are coming from. All we see is you freaking out and slinging accusations that I know for a fact are not accurate. Glove does not have two accounts. I can see the IP address of everybody who logs into the server, and his is not shared with any other user. I doubt anybody in the world would go so far as to use an IP proxy to secretly grief a Minecraft server with an additional account. And I can tell you with 100% certainty that he did not grief your stuff.

Now I want you to take a minute and think about that information. If someone was accusing you, loudly and persistently, of being a griefer, I would guess that you would not appreciate it. You might react somewhat negatively. That would be understandable. If you saw somebody angrily and falsely accusing somebody else of being a griefer, I expect you would have a low opinion of the person doing the accusing. From that perspective, he might even look like an asshole. Can you understand where everyone else is coming from on this one?


Nodderly if you believe that story then fine, if you don't want to respond to me and simply let me fix those problems that you didn't want to turn back the server to fix then fine. you will have an ugly server until someone else fixes the problems. I would LOVE to fix the problems. but I am being ignored everywhere I go and treated like I am the villain. I am a very positive member that added a lot of stuff will be gone and left with an extremely bad impression.

This is where you cross a bit of a line for me. I don't have to "believe" that story. I'm not a "belief" person. I'm an evidence person. A fact person. And so far, you have presented none. My access to the guts of this server gives me substantial insight into what occurs there. I would be shocked if you knew something I didn't. I don't "believe" that Glove is innocent. I know he is. That is a fundamental difference. I already put in the time and effort to find the actual guilty party and ban him. Rather than be pleased that he won't be a problem again, you'd prefer to continue to accuse the innocent and get mouthy with the person that actually resolved the issue? Think that through.

The effort and risk involved with turning the whole server back an entire day to simply recover a floor and some pixel art is completely unjustified. Again, step outside yourself for a moment. In the time that would be lost by a rollback, plenty of people might have built entire homes. Done substantial mining. Found some awesome diamonds. Who knows? I don't, and neither do you. It would amount to a form of griefing for anyone to request that those people lose their work too. Rolling back the server is for genuine disasters, like somebody sets off a giant block of TNT and wrecks everybody's work. Furthermore, many of us are familiar with how temperamental Minecraft servers are. There is a possibility, albeit remote, that the backup would not work and we would be stuck starting over from scratch. Do you really think this is worth it?

I will not have an "ugly server" until someone fixes it. That's a very weak attempt at blackmail. If you are genuinely not interested in fixing it, it is a trivial matter for me to clear it all away. I hope I don't have to do that. Up until this incident, I think you were a pretty popular person on the server. Nobody would have have claimed a room in your building otherwise. There's no reason for things to continue going this way. The person responsible for the griefing is gone. An hour's worth of work and nobody will even be able to tell it ever happened. I think we'd all better off with that.

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@jasondesante: I see how this discussion is going, and it's really bumming me out. For someone who left a sign in Arcania that said "rape bitches," you seem very sensitive about Glove's language toward you when you were completely and totally in the wrong.

I think this discussion passed productive a few miles ago. Time to shut it down.

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@jasondesante said:

dont read whats above its pointless. why bother reading details to something pointless. this is supposed to be a happy server and the creations bring happiness.....lets get over that stupid griefer. so lets get that stuff back in order so it looks like normal and then lets make it better!


You already put it best yourself. I'm just waiting for it to actually happen. Launching insults at me for trying to defuse the situation and calm people down isn't cool.

The picture, first off, is a joke that points out how much of a waste of time it is to argue, which ironically I have now been dragged into. Secondly, it wasn't @replying to anyone so I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that I was singling you out. Thirdly, as Nodderly already said,

@Nodderly said:

Yikes! I sleep for a couple of hours and this thread turns into a soap opera. Let me break a few things down.

1. Dudeglove did not grief Jason's stuff. Period. I know approximately when it occurred, and I know when people log in and out. Further, there was a dirt scaffolding used to reach the pixel art. I can tell who placed blocks and when. These dirt blocks were placed over the course of about half an hour, then the person placing them logged off. It's pretty clear what happened, and it was not Dudeglove. I also know that this person stole from at least two of us, and it seems reasonable to assume he was responsible for other thefts as well.

2. If someone is building something on territory that you consider yours, it isn't your job to take it down. The first post has some statements to that effect for precisely this reason.

3. If something of yours has been griefed, I strongly encourage you to not Hulk out over it and get your vigilante justice on. As happened in this case, I can put on my Batman skin and investigate the crime. I have access to a lot more information than anyone else, and I'm dressed like the world's greatest detective. Give me a chance.

To help cover some of these situations when I'm not around, I've added a new moderator: Capum15. I'm sure you all know him, he's been around forever. He won't have access to server-level information like I will, so he isn't going to be responsible for griefer investigations or anything. He will be around to help out if something is being actively griefed, and he will be able to provide repair supplies if needed. Let's give him a hand for bravery.

From what I have seen in the thread, the person responsible for griefing and stealing, which wasn't either you or Dudeglove, has been dealt with. I'm not sure if there is some sort of beef about alleged building spot tampering or quite honestly why there continues to be drama. If you feel there is, it may be best to take it to PMs with the responsible parties so the thread doesn't spiral into the drama and chaos that it has been flirting with. The point is, again, as you said:

@jasondesante said:

this is supposed to be a happy server and the creations bring happiness.....lets get over that stupid griefer. so lets get that stuff back in order so it looks like normal and then lets make it better!


Even the smiley gets some bolding and underlining action. So lets move past this, whatever "this" is at this point, and get back to putting blocks on, in, and around other blocks.

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@jasondesante: Don't put things in quotes that I didn't say.

This topic is over. Anybody with lingering concerns will discuss them with me in PM.

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@jasondesante: Just leave it. Stop posting your 'explanations', we understand what you're trying to say and the last forum page has been us telling you to just leave it where it's at and that we understand.

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Aww some of the posts got deleted... but I wanted to see the drama :( ! Damn you Costume Quest for keeping me away from the forums a couple of hours!

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While Jason is overreacting, I think some of you are piling on to him a bit much. He probably had a bad day :)

@jasondesante: If you'd post the reference images for your pixel art, I'm sure some of us would love to help repair it.

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@FlemmingM: Nothing of value was lost.

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Perhaps I could start a thread just about this, but what are you guys favourite Minecraft moments playing with fellow duders? Having an image of it will be a pluss.
I for one cherish this little moment. @Zimbo moved away from his house in Sto'Helit and built his own little cottage in the forest. I decied to bring him some cake. Forever Portal buddies after that.

 Cake, so long ago.
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Besides, I mean, it's like, a glove, but also a dude. I mean, how can a half man, half glove commit acts of vandalism? It defies all known practices of both science and religion.

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Bourbon by night!

This was taking on the old server after the big expasion was completed, while I was buliding the big Keen.

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@jasondesante: You should cool off with a nice relaxing session of Demon's Souls.

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@FlemmingM: man I miss Kwarsons Cathedral and the plaza square.
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@FlemmingM: Oh how I miss the old server.. are you going to upload the map @FunExplosions: ? (Pwettty pleaseeee :3)

We need a new Keen on the new server.

Image dump. Hogwarts (RIP) and Bourbon (RIP) after the expansion.

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For those that missed this awesome creation by a man we all know!

#230 Posted by Nodderly (410 posts) -

@Marnox: That thing was goddamn amazing.

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"Stress Testing"
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@Marnox: Amazing.

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@Subjugation: Hahah, where and when did that happen?
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@FunExplosions: That was on the current server before you sent me the world files. Had to make sure it was stable. :D

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@FunExplosions: It only seems right you know where and when the fun explosions are happening.

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I'm back in! Hurrah!

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@Nodderly: So, ignoring all the other shit that happened, you set the whole Moderator thing up?

Oh god.

I wouldn't mind the lightning though...I mean, for purely non-abusive reasons, of course. :P
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@Capum15 Yes, I believe you have magic mod powers now.
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@Subjugation said:

Everyone. Just eat a sandwich.

That's pretty much perfect.

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@dudeglove said:

@Subjugation said:

That's pretty much perfect.

Haha, that's pretty good.

Also, who's going to disappear from Minecraft when Tuesday comes around? I'll still be pretty active until I get it on Thursday.

And I still need to finish Assault Horizon.
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@Capum15: You mean Battlefield 3? Cause im getting that on Thursday as well...

#242 Posted by Capum15 (5118 posts) -
@FlemmingM: Yup. I have this Friday free so I'll probably get it Thursday afternoon and play through most of the weekend. Looking forward to it after watching the Launch Trailer.
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@FlemmingM: @Capum15: I'll just watch both of you ... through the window ...

#244 Posted by Hoffafiles (332 posts) -

I'd like to check the world out, maybe build a thing or two

Username: ajhoff55

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@Capum15: Ha I also have friday off, so yeah about the same thing for me.. except im getting mine in the mail.

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Add Beneeeeedeuuuus

#247 Posted by Subjugation (4787 posts) -

I think he means "Benedeus" ;)

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@Subjugation said:

@FlemmingM: @Capum15: I'll just watch both of you ... through the window ...

And an Enderman will be watching you watching us watching our TVs.

Also, I'm watching "Best of Giant Bomb Quick Looks" on youtube when I should have gone to sleep an hour or two ago. Bestest thing ever after the actual Quick Looks. I'd love to just have a huge swath of free time to go through every Quick Look that seems interesting. I haven't watched the latest recent 20 or so...

Edit: Super Scribblenauts - "Vinny, that one bear was riding another bear." God damn I love Giantbomb, I really need to watch that specific one again.
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@WhiskeyAbe Done!

@CommodoreGroovy Dooooooooneeeeeeeee!
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Remember this storage house in that town I forget the name of? Good times.

 Caught in the act, dirtying up the food.

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