Whiskey Media's Minecraft Server: Part Deux!

#301 Posted by Marnox (327 posts) -

I took a break from the Battlefield to finnish the Arena.
It only needs a lot of weapons and armor supplied ! I'm sure the Gods of the server can spawn some of those. A good mix of all kinds? I so want to wear all leather and spank @Nodderly: with a wooden sword.

 I've felt so guily lately not being on the server, but Battlefield 3. Like, so awesome.
If anyone else here plays on the PC, add me! Mariasu is the name there.

#302 Posted by Nodderly (405 posts) -
@Marnox Don't feel guilty! That's no fun. We're in major release season. I expect people to take breaks from Minecraft. I'm sure the server will be a ghost town for a few days after Skyrim!

I'll definitely pop by the arena and drop off some gear. Your wooden sword plan sounds... stimulating.
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Yeah don't feel bad. The onslaught of huge games coming out is ridiculous.

#304 Posted by Capum15 (4874 posts) -

I agree with the "Don't feel bad" people.

I will, in all likelihood, disappear from the Internet after next Friday, since that's when I'm getting Revelations and Saints Row, and then I get the week after next week off due to Thanksgiving.

#305 Posted by jasondesante (603 posts) -

yo guys, I made a bunch of signs in the basement of the frat house. I got some to do lists, so any projects that need simple time consuming help can be mentioned. I also put a list of all the places, and some other stuff.

I wanted to mention how previously I had a chest full of Iron, Gold, and Diamond building blocks (i used like 5 stacks of gold and a few stacks of diamond and iron for pikachu) because it was my chest for pixel art, and also subway tracks. I logged on to see that the chest, which had a lock on it, was empty. I had another chest with some diamond in my other house, so I had some left when I needed to make more tools.

Well I logged back on, and for a second time all my diamond is gone from my locked chests in the frat house, in my room. I checked my other house where I got some backup diamond before, to make tools, and all of it is gone.

I do not understand why we have the lockette mod, if I keep on getting useful stuff stolen from me.

Supplies I once had, diamond and iron and gold, that I would have been using to make tools, and rail to further build the subway, are all gone for some odd reason.

Has anyone else had all their diamond, gold, and iron blocks, and ore (of all 3) all disappear? suddenly more than once? For me it was only a few chests, and then the second time it was every chest I had, leaving me with nothing :(

Is this a glitch?

#306 Posted by Subjugation (4720 posts) -

@jasondesante: So the chests were locked so that only you should be able to access them? And the chests were still intact when you found them empty? I'm not sure how that would happen. Talk to Nodderly or Capum and I'm sure they'll do what they can to help you.

Open letter to whoever might be doing this if it isn't a glitch: You don't need to steal anything from anyone at anytime. Ever. This isn't a game with some sort of competitive aspect where you can "win," but rather a sandbox for communities to build things together. We generally share and help each other out when the need arises, so make any desire for help known to a mod/admin and the rest of the server to get some help and likely have a much better time doing whatever you are doing. Theft and harassment of any nature is highly frowned upon and taken to the proper extremes are usually resultant in a ban. No one wants to ban anyone though, because we like having a close community where we can leave our doors (and chests) unlocked and not have to worry. So, turn over a new leaf, don't take or damage anything that isn't yours, and try better integrating yourself with the community to see why SMP is better than just playing SSP with creative mode.

#307 Posted by bunkerbuster05 (463 posts) -

I have a feeling the people who post on here aren't the culprits, if their is one. We get plenty of whitelist request, and rarely do those people start to regularly post here.

#308 Edited by jasondesante (603 posts) -

@bunkerbuster05: I'm only stating some observations, and saying it is strange, an inconvience, and becoming a regular occurance that should never happen.

@Subjugation: The first time my "ores chest" with diamond, gold and iron blocks, and ores was totally gone, with the chest too. I also had another chest with a lock on it, and just the diamond was gone from the inside. The second time stupid meaningless blocks were stolen it was three chests with locks on them (behind doors with locks) all had the Diamond, Gold, and Iron taken from them, with the chests intact.

#309 Posted by Brackynews (4060 posts) -

@Capum15: Yo. Is the Newton teleport gone? I was making a theme house. I CAN'T WALK THAT FAR. *T_T*

Anyway I need to explore the server for a bit anyway, so whatevs. Still I'd like to hear what you guys recommend for mobility to/from big projects. Clearly we don't need to clutter up Spawn with a ton of 'em. (Nodd, any final ruling on the Spawn name?)

#310 Posted by Capum15 (4874 posts) -
@Brackynews: Yeah, the Newton teleporter is gone. Nod said something to the effect of "not needing another random empty town yet".

We'll probably expand the subway system for the big projects and towns.
#311 Posted by Anviltongue (64 posts) -

I just wanted to give Marnox a major pat on the back for finishing the arena... It looks great! Despite the partial credit I got, it needs to be said he did the vast majority of the work.

We need to organize some kind of arena event night or something, so we all can smack each other around for an hour or two!

#312 Posted by whistlebottom (193 posts) -

@Nodderly: Any chance I can get in?


#313 Posted by Nodderly (405 posts) -
@whistlebottom Done! Welcome aboard!
#314 Posted by Marnox (327 posts) -
@Anviltongue: Thanks duder. You did provide some excellent companionship. I would love to start another project in your area. Any ideas? We got some leftover materials in the Arena Offices that needs using! Right now I'm so hooked in with Battlefield 3 and soon Skyrim will consume me, but there will be a time for crafting! Always be crafting.
#315 Posted by Hoffafiles (285 posts) -

Finally finished with the Parthenon, I left out the statue inside for the moment, just looked too weird.

Still have some landscaping, but yeah...

#316 Posted by Lumley (951 posts) -

You guys should totally go and visit @WhiskeyAbe: 's Parthenon, it's amazing!

coords are:

x: -771



#317 Posted by Nodderly (405 posts) -

Our first donation rolled in, but there's no account name attached so I can't give anyone a shout-out! PM me if you want one. Or heck, post in the thread and claim credit. Or remain anonymous. Your call!

#318 Posted by Capum15 (4874 posts) -
@WhiskeyAbe: Wow, looks great with a roof on it. Great job!
#319 Posted by Subjugation (4720 posts) -

I would just like to state for the record that Capum and I contributed many chickens to the construction of the parthenon, without which completion would have been a nightmare. Those soulless eyes provide wordless critique and motivation.

#320 Posted by Capum15 (4874 posts) -
@Subjugation: It could have never been done without those godless heathens. Ender be praised. Or something. What would be the opposite of Minecraft "god"? Anti-Notch?
#321 Posted by LordAndrew (14426 posts) -

I remember back when I would play on Fun's server. I built the... thing. And then we did the... thing. Hm. I guess I don't remember after all. But I promise I'll be back some day. Oh, I'll be back. You haven't seen the Charlie Tunoku, or whatever my name was. I will have my revenge.

#322 Posted by Capum15 (4874 posts) -
@LordAndrew: And we will probably maybe be ready, or something. I'm not sure though.
#323 Posted by Sirhc8819 (1 posts) -

Please Add me to the white List, my Minecraft name is Sirhc8819. Lively will vouch for me.

#324 Edited by Lively (298 posts) -

@Nodderly: I know you have a policy against Giant Bomb users who joined less than one month ago, but I wonder if you'll make an exception for Sirch8819. He's my 24-year-old brother, so I don't think you'll have to worry about him griefing anything.

#325 Posted by Nodderly (405 posts) -

@Sirhc8819: @Lively: Done! Welcome aboard!

#326 Posted by Brackynews (4060 posts) -

Hey folks, how's that November deluge hitting everybody? I can't believe how little I accomplished yesterday besides the Skyrim marathon.

The Guides update got reassigned from Mike to Alexis, so I went ahead and rebuilt/expanded the Projects guide. If it gets borked again I will jump up and down on their heads with Kirbybo's Shoe. ^o^ Hoping this guide will be more useful as a catalog and quick-reference for points of interest and projects. Adding coordinates would be much appreciated. I recommend NOT adding personal housing coords, unless your place is grief-resistant and/or too awesome to miss. :) I made no assumptions about who is responsible for anything, so those details are pretty limited. (If I'm wrong, I read or heard it wrong.)

For safety sake, I recommend you DO NOT add new headings. That is normally the #1 thing that breaks in my experience, requiring a page refresh and losing all your edits. The RED save button is what matters.

So dive in, and I will try to check every day to see that it's working alright and get your edits published. You are also welcome to add comments instead of editing the page directly, and I'll do the merging.

#327 Posted by Nodderly (405 posts) -

@Brackynews: I've added the guide as a hotlink in the first post. Thanks for maintaining that! I hope people remember to use it!

#328 Posted by Anviltongue (64 posts) -

@Marnox: I have no ideas, either. I've got a large project going on in the middle of a harbor in the general area of the Aqueduct. Also, I'm making my body ready for Skyrim, which will be here in a few days.

Maybe we should ask Nod to move the teleporter to the arena, where you have a nice spot cleared for it. I think it would work much better there.

#329 Posted by jasondesante (603 posts) -

@Brackynews: sorry! i updated the guide without reading your last post! I should have left comments but just edited it anyways. sorry I didn't do a lot at all and I"m pretty sure you will like what I added, it wasn't much. :D happy crafting :D

#330 Posted by Brackynews (4060 posts) -

@jasondesante: No worries! It's only a safety precaution and if nothing breaks it's all good. I just moved your Frat House heading under the Spawn Point region. Easy peasey.

#331 Posted by Capum15 (4874 posts) -
The End.

We're going to have to make a raid party some time.
#332 Edited by bunkerbuster05 (463 posts) -

Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim. Skyrim? Skyrim.

Oh, sorry. I've been glued to Skyrim for two days. I forgot the actual world didn't have Dragons and awesome Viking music. A man can dream...

Also, fantastic work on that guide!

#333 Posted by Subjugation (4720 posts) -

I'm Jarl to you peasant folk. Bow. Partake of my hinga dinga.

#334 Posted by Capum15 (4874 posts) -
@Subjugation: I haven't played it yet, but you can resurrect chickens to fight for you, right? I'm pretty sure I saw that in the review video.

Because I shall challenge you with my undead chicken horde.
#335 Posted by dmoncla (6 posts) -

Hey guys. I'm an OP on the Tested / Xantar server and it is down. Thought Id take a look around to see what you guys were up to but it kicks me immediately. Can you white list me?? DMoncla

#336 Posted by Nodderly (405 posts) -

@dmoncla: Done!

#337 Posted by dmoncla (6 posts) -

Thanks. Nice world from what I've seen so far. Not used to MOBs being on and a creeper almost got me lol. You all sure love sprites don't you?

#338 Posted by Lively (298 posts) -

The creepers should be AI disabled. The only time they will blow up is if a skeleton shoots them by accident.

#339 Posted by Capum15 (4874 posts) -

Man, Minecraft is almost out guys! Do you think the game will be any good?

I am looking forward to the back end of the 1.8 update, though. Sadly, it's coming out the day I get SR3 and AC:R...

#340 Posted by DaddyTin (59 posts) -

From Lively:"The creepers should be AI disabled. The only time they will blow up is if a skeleton shoots them by accident." Yes, you can hug with them, you can mug with them, but try to tug with them and you get pushed into the lava! They will bump and run so you better thump em when you can!

#341 Posted by dmoncla (6 posts) -

I just ran. didn't know they didn't blow up. I thought my quick reflexes stopped him from blowing up lol. Still surprised me to run into him. Are the Zombies harmless too?

#342 Posted by Marnox (327 posts) -

Just wanted to thank Jasondesante (?) sorry dude. Been so long since I've been on and I forget names. Good art at the arena! Amazing creeper :D

#343 Posted by Lively (298 posts) -

The zombies, skeletons, spiders and silverfish can still hurt you. I can't remember if silverfish are in the 1.8.1 version yet, but the full version hits day after tomorrow.

#344 Posted by Buscemi (1106 posts) -

RC2 is scary, so much stuff I don't know how to build or find.

#345 Posted by Nodderly (405 posts) -

Because of a brilliant suggestion from Bracky, I'm going to be turning off the whitelist tomorrow and leaving it off for a while to celebrate the proper release of Minecraft and welcome tourists to the server. I'll set the default permissions such that the tourists cannot affect the world, but can see the wonders we have built. Look forward to it!

#346 Posted by dmoncla (6 posts) -

I like your world. We are tossing around the idea of a completely new map on the tested/xantar server when the release comes out. I have mixed feelings about it. All the other times we just merged new maps which makes the world HUGE! Technically we can't do anything, its all up to xantar himself. Doesn't stop us from talking about it though :-)

#347 Posted by jasondesante (603 posts) -

@Marnox: thanks! I wanted it to be in a good spot so we always had some inspiration to kill while at the arena!

#348 Posted by Brackynews (4060 posts) -

@dmoncla said:

Are the Zombies harmless too?

#349 Posted by Nodderly (405 posts) -

As of now, the whitelist is turned off and all are welcome to visit! As a side effect, I had to set the default permissions to prohibit alteration of the world. I believe most regulars of the server are operating as Members and not the default, in which case they should not be impacted by the changes. If you have mistakenly been left as a default user, you will find yourself unable to alter the world. I should be generally available to correct this issue, regardless of whether I am visible on the server or not.

#350 Posted by xJollyx (10 posts) -

Let me join. My name in minecraft is TheJollyRajah.

I have another account here since Giant Bomb started but forgot the password. The username is TheJollyRajah. This account is new but I've been here forever.

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