Why are so many Minecraft skins of one-eyed raver girls?

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This is a very important question, need answer ASAP.

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I noticed that too. My only theory is because...damn, one-eyed chicks are hot. Especially ones on PCP and Ecstasy.

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I didn't see this girl:

ANYWHERE in that clip.

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@panvixyl said:

This is a very important question, need answer ASAP.

I need you to provide a visual example of what the hell you're talking about asap.

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I have no idea what he's talking about.

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I am confused.

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@panvixyl: It's probably because they're all variants of the same basic texture being uploaded by the same two or three people, I guess? This doesn't seem like much of a mystery.

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Taking a look at that site, are you talking about the female skins with a bang hanging over one eye?

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Good thing you provided a picture for context.

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Minecraft fans are really into Futurama.

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