Will they ever update it with some of the little things..

#1 Posted by Silock (276 posts) -

For example, random towns with people roaming about, bigger maps, Enchanting and Alchemy?

Have you guys heard anything?

#2 Edited by Peanut (964 posts) -

I assume you're talking about the 360 version and the answer is yes. 4J had said they're currently working on the Adventure Update and they're picking and choosing specific things from later PC updates to move up and include in that as well. They've also stated that the next update is "months" from release.

#3 Posted by Silock (276 posts) -

Thanks for the timely response! Thats great news as well, hopefully not to many months away though!!

#4 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

Wait, wait. It's not months away. But like Peanut said its the adventure update, 1.8.1. I'm not too sure about bigger maps. They've been working on it. I would say maybe 1-2 months?

#5 Posted by Cubidog1 (399 posts) -

Expect the same amount of time there was between the release of the game and the release of the update with pistons and shears.

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