Xbox 360 lava bucket with furnace issues??

#1 Posted by lil_cheeks (184 posts) -

I am currently playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360 for the split screen coop. I read you can use a bucket and lava for fuel in the furnace. So i go to the lava source, scoop up some lava, return to the furnace and the second i open the furnace menu, my bucket is empty. I tried changing to a different tool before opening the menu in thoughts that maybe it was being poured out, but even when the bucket is in my inventory and i open with nothing in my hands, the bucket is empty as soon as the furnace menu is open. I read that maybe it was because it was too close to my bed (spawn point) so i moved the furnace probably 50 blocks away and up to my second floor (5 blocks high) and still had the same issue. Is this something other are experiencing? I checked the bug list and it didn't look like this was on there.

#2 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I have no idea. Putting the bucket in the furnace will cause the bucket to disappear but I never had the problem of just not having it

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