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Cheap Fun for All

Miner Dig Deep is a roleplaying game that will steal hours of your life from you. The goal is simple; collect minerals and occasional blueprints. The more money you get for mining will be spent on supplies to mine faster and elevators to make deep mining easier.

The reason this game did not get a higher score is because of how easy and cheap "death" is.

When you get hit on the head (with a huge hard hat that is practically useless) from a rock falling down, you get teleported all the way back up to the surface and you lose all mined materials. This may be minor in the beginning but when it takes three minutes of constant elevators to get to your mining level and you die from a cheap rock down there, its pretty discouraging.

Other than that, this game will provide you with hours of good mining entertainment as long as you dodge the rocks.


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