My impressions of this game so far...

#1 Posted by Sin4profit (2956 posts) -

This game is fuckin terrible.

  • You run out of fuel far too quickly
  • The ammo resupply crates don't seem to resupply ammo
  • I'm getting torn to shreds in an instant by a single enemy ship in the first selected mission
  • Tried to bail on the mission so i could do some exploration, which i can only assume this game has, but i'm locked in and forced to finish the mission.
  • The load times are godawful.
  • The AI is barely there as enemy just seem to show up in a designated spot and shoot at you until you kill them.
  • It has gamepad support but they didn't seem to bother assigning any buttons on their end.

All this and i can't even pass the second mission in the game. Does anyone around here have any advice? Am i going about things all wrong?

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