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Mines of Nurga

Mines of Nurga is where the hordes of Mountain Death goblins of Kunark emanate from beneath the Frontier Mountains. Nurga is the lower tunnel system of mining complexes that the goblins have bulit to supply their warriors that spread like wildfire across much of the continent. While connected via underground tunnels to Droga, Nurga is much more dangerous in terms of the might of the goblins found there. Much like Droga though, Nurga is mostly a one way street due to the fact that there is no way to get back to Frontier Mountains after dropping into the mine without taking the long way around. The architecture is simplistic and not much to look at, but the rotting wood and makeshift tents seem to be enough for the goblins. Possibly the most notable thing about Nurga is that there is a mysterious ogre monk that resides here. The fact that he's an ogre monk is strange enough already, but that the goblins tolerate his existence there just compounds the mystery. Many human and Iksar monks have fought through the mines to converse and/or challenge this strange ogre known as Trunt.

Neighboring Zones


  • The Forsaken
  • Goblins of Mountain Death


Notable NPCs

  • Blackguard Thabis
  • Blood Thirsty Mine Rat
  • Death Caller Joepla
  • Death Knight Donkot
  • Flame Chanter Breplish
  • Frost Caller Ollikaz
  • Life Drinker Krador
  • Miner Gribok
  • Overseer Henxsa
  • Overseer Malam
  • Slave Keeper Davirg
  • Spirit Chanter Bibodik
  • Spirit Weaver Tramix
  • Stabber Remmy
  • Taskmaster Crizz
  • Taskmaster Huflam
  • Traitor Efuin
  • Trunt

Notable Items

  • Abominable Leather Leggings
  • Aged Iron Ring
  • Ancient Crude Club
  • Atrocious Gauntlets
  • Cloak of Allegiance
  • Crown of the Butcher
  • Darkened Blood Spike
  • Death Mountain Totem of War
  • Diabolic Ring of the Goblins
  • Durable Silver Mask
  • Frightening Cloak
  • Golden Mantle of Control
  • Great Axe of Decaptitation
  • Great Helm of Potence
  • Hardened Globe of Intellect
  • Infernal Opal Bracelet
  • Intricate Sleeves of the Slayer
  • Lesser Knuckles of Serenity
  • Mottled Chain Greaves
  • Mystical Staff of Prosperity
  • Necklace of the Keen
  • Opulent Earring of Ken
  • Pale Steel Bracelet
  • Plate Boots of Light
  • Powerful Prayer Beads
  • Sandals of the Steadfast
  • Silk Gloves of the Night
  • Silver Bracelet of Crizz
  • Sleaves of the Adept
  • Smokey Brazier of Sight
  • Tarnished Bronze Idol
  • Trident of the Freed Spirits
  • Vengeance Blade of the Dead
  • Woven Leaf Sash
  • Wretched Earring of Pain

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