Poor performance in PC version

#1 Posted by Geno (6768 posts) -

Windows 7 64 bit 
GTX 275 SLI 
i7 3.8ghz 
Latest Nv Drivers 
This game has unusually poor performance for some reason; it doesn't appear to be a visually demanding game, but I can only get it to run at 30-40 fps. I checked the nHancer profile and it has SLI set to 'single', I tried all of the other settings but that didn't work (either freezes the game or gives worse performance). I also tried to offload the antialiasing to my other graphics card but that didn't work either. Anyone else have this problem? 

#2 Posted by defaulttag (902 posts) -
@Geno: downgrade drivers maybe? for my GTX 275, I use 186 drivers. everything works perfectly. whereas later drivers, some games stutter for some reason. i don't have mini ninjas, but downgrading is worth a shot.

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