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Gunstar Heroes

Minion Split
Minion Soldier is one of the sub-bosses from the Dice Palace in Gunstar Heroes. Players unlucky enough to land on Space Five will be forced to fight him. He is comically tiny but loaded with many abilities, his most common involves running up on the player and tossing them across the room for heavy damage.
His most dangerous move involves spawning a squad of doubles that swarm the player with the intent of loading them down. Other attacks involve launching swirling projectiles and flying kicks.

Super Gunstar Heroes

Minion Soldier makes another appearance in the GBA sequel Gunstar Super Heroes in Black's Casino. He has the same set of moves and is just as tough he was in Gunstar Heroes. The only difference is the arena you fight him in, which now has two levels players can jump up and down from for greater maneuverability.

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