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Minotron: 2112 is a dual-joystick shooter from Llamasoft. The game is largely patterned after Llamatron: 2112, one of the developer's previous releases. Like many of Llamasoft's releases, Minotron is "inspired by" a classic arcade release, Robotron: 2084 in this case. The game also uses a similar continue system to other games from the company, inspired by Tempest's ability to let players continue from a higher level with a higher score than usual.
Rather than have players use one side of the iPad or iPhone touch screen exclusively for movement and the other for shooting, the game treats your first touch as the "movement" touch and the second as the "aiming" touch. It's possible to switch these up on the fly by removing one finger from the screen, whether desired or completely by accident. 
The game offers different modes of play, including one that disables all new powerups, returning the game to more of a Llamatron-like experience. 
Minotron: 2112 is the second game to be released as a part of Llamatron's "Minotaur Project," which aims to bring classic-style game experiences to new platforms, where they won't be saddled with outdated hardware.

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