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Released on October 22, 1993 exclusively in Japan, Miracle Girls is a side-scrolling action platformer based on the manga of the same name. Miracle Girls was developed by Now Production and published by Takara, and was later unofficially translated into English by RPGONE, a translation group known for projects such as the Dragon Quest series and DoReMi Fantasy.

The game follows twin sisters Tomomi and Mikage as they attempt to rescue their friends from the wizard Majo-Majo, who has trapped them within a mysterious world inhabited by hostile creatures. The game consists of five stages, four of which contain one of the sisters' four friends: Kageura, Daijouji, Noda, or Kurashige.


  • Tomomi (one of two protagonists)
  • Mikage (one of two protagonists)
  • Kageura
  • Daijouji
  • Noda
  • Kurashige
  • Majo-Majo (the antagonist)


Attacking an enemy in the game's final level.

Miracle Girls is a fairly traditional side-scrolling platformer. Players control either Mikage or Tomomi, traversing the game's five levels, dodging enemies, pitfalls, traps, and collecting items and power-ups. There is no way to outright kill the game's enemies with a default attack. However, it is possible to stun them with candy, a projectile attack that each of the twins can perform. The only way to kill enemies is through special attack items, labeled with a red "B," which can be picked up and used to kill all onscreen enemies.

There are several other types of power-ups and items in Miracle Girls, including golden hearts that function as the in-game coins (and serve no functional purpose), fruit (which heals the player one heart, with a maximum of five), a 1-Up (granting the player a life), the B-Ball (the aforementioned power-up), a "guide bubble" (the other twin appears and tells the player what to do), and a star that grants temporary invincibility.

One unique aspect of Miracle Girls is the way it handles each level boss, and even the final boss. The first three levels are minigames. Level one's boss is a maze-like water gun fight, where the victor is the one who hits their opponent the most times with the water gun. Level two's boss is a dash to gather the most colored clouds, which fall from the top of the screen. Level three's boss is a Whack-A-Mole-esque game that takes place on top of a cake, where the player has to hit germs as they appear. Level four regurgitates level one's boss, while the final boss consists of each minigame from levels one to three in sequential order.

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