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Miranda is one of the Sacred Sisters of Deningrad, a thriving kingdom north of Serdio. When she first encounters the party, she is the tough, action-seeking sister, standing out among the peaceful and sweet others. That is because she isn't biologically related to the other sisters, but rather was adopted by the Queen as a child, having been abandoned by her mother. Miranda eventually comes face to face with her personal demons in The Moon That Never Sets, and comes to forgive the mother she had spent her whole life hating, having learned that her mother's abandoning was for the best.

Shortly after joining the team, Shana's White Silver Dragoon Spirit leaves her, choosing instead to be used by Miranda (who also wields a Bow and Arrow). She has the same abilities as Shana had. For the rest of the game she is the White Silver Dragoon.

Miranda's Dragoon abilities are:

  • Moon Light: 100% HP/Status/KO recovery; single target (10 MP)
  • Star Children: 25% Light damage; all enemies (20 MP)
  • Gates of Heaven: 100% HP/Status/KO recovery; all allies (30 MP)
  • White Silver Dragon: 100% Light damage; all enemies (80 MP)

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