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Miria can be found in Modoc. The player can recruit her by conversing with her and then steering the conversation towards sex. If The Chosen One is of good repute in Modoc and has a Charisma of 8 (7 for females) then they can sleep with her. During the act of sleeping with her you find yourself in a situation where all of your inventory is on the ground, including your clothes, and Grisham is in the doorway with a shotgun. At this point there are three options for the player: fight your way out (turning the whole of Modoc hostile in the process), convince Grisham it was a medical examination (being able to repeatedly sleep with her again claiming to be giving checkups), or be forced into a shotgun marriage with his daughter. Being forced into marriage will result in Miria being permanently added to the party.

Miria has a brother named Davin, who besides gender is basically the same as Miria except that Davin is slightly better than his sister. Davin and his sister are some of the worst companions in Fallout 2. They do not grow in level or skills and start off pretty bad anyway, and they take up a companion slot where other not as useless companions could go. The two ways to get rid of her without killing her are to either get a divorce at New Reno or to sell her to slavers. Divorcing Miria will result in the player earning the Separated Reputation Perk.

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