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Miroku enjoying the company of good women.

Cursed with a hole in his hand capable of sucking things like a black hole, Miroku deals with his shortened life by indulging in the baser pleasures of life, including women and worldly possessions. This smooth-talking monk yearns for a family but fears passing on such a curse. Despite his inner conflict, he feels it is his duty to ask every available woman if she would be willing to bare his child, thus ensuring someone to continue the legacy. His 'cursed hand' has been known to both molest in the name of pleasure and decimate in the name of protection. When Miroku meets Sango he quickly finds his match, her swift retaliation leaving him concussed more often than not.

Miroku's grandfather was cursed by Naraku, who doomed him to pass the malady to future generations. After seeing his father die from the curse, Miroku felt compelled to seek out Naraku and kill him, hopefully releasing himself and his line from the curse forever.

Crossing paths with Inuyasha and Kagome, Miroku befriends the pair when it is revealed that their goal of destroying Naraku is the same.


Inuyasha and Kagome sit in a tree

A half-demon who spent much of his life alone, Inuyasha is the rough friend of Miroku, his gruff exterior hiding a champion much like Miroku's own debauchery hides his own inner worth.


A bright and pleasant girl, Kagome never falls for Miroku's charms and instead shies away from his overly 'friendly' cursed hand. Friend and companion, Kagome is the core of her group, offering her friendship to the monk, even when she would be better off offering him the back of her hand.

Sango and Miroku share a moment.

Although Miroku secretly desires this strong woman, Sango is far out of his reach - in his mind anyway. Neither realizing that they were meant for each other, and that both have the same anxious feelings, these to pen up their desires for the sake of their quest, each secretly hoping that the other will eventually feel the same.


Kagura attacks swiftly with a wave of her fan.

Minion of Naraku, the wind witch Kagura is a foe that Miroku reviles. Her powers allow her to control undead corpses in a grotesque display, and she often leaves the monk stripped of his power, the wind of his vortex no match for a witch who controls the very element.

Naraku's back bares the spider-shaped scar of his humanity.

Naraku is the vile demon responsible for Miroku's position. Having cursed Miroku's family generations earlier, Naraku revels in the pain his acts bring. This disgusting villain will go to any length to ensure a victim receives the most pain for Naraku's effort and he just drinks up Miroku's agony of knowing he will die far too young for his liking.

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