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Video games are just starting to get a grasp of the idea that the developers are going to been seen as auteurs. With the explosion of indie games within the last 10 years or so, we can see that video games have reached those pretentious beginnings of any artform. Publishers and developers are really going to have to go through some changes to bring these indie developers into studio style design. At this last E3, I heard so many times that Sony is really courting the development teams behind the indie games scene. Everybody was quick to point out that Microsoft had people around talking to the indie guys, but, most people agreed, Sony was really rubbing elbows anywhere and everywhere.

After watching the trailer for Mirror's Edge 2, I noticed that the developers behind this game really know that they are speaking to a hardcore, well informed audience that really wanted to see the return of this game. I think it is a real testament to EA wanting to make EA Digital Illusions CE into a powerhouse that this game was even green-lit. Hopefully, that final message ("Coming...when it's ready.") that shows after the trailer foreshadows the way EA will act as a publisher this coming generation. Hell, it could just be a brazen attempt at appealing to the market, but I guess we will be finding out soon.

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