sin4profit's Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360) review

Nice to look at, not so much to play.

 Mirror's Edge is an interesting premise but the frustrating gameplay severly lowers the game's quality. It's not a matter of a good gaming challenge either it's more of a game of trial and error. With the theme of the game emphasizing speed and flow, the grinding to a halt moments as you repeatedly attempt to pass a section tend to kill the mood of the game.
As far as gameplay spacific problems, both the level design and the control scheme tend to be a nuisance. In a few levels here and there you will flat out not know what to do or where to go next. The controller setup was easy enough to get use to but for some reason i kept pressing the "look behind you" button when i wanted to push the "disarm this dude" button...maybe that's just me.
What the game does have going for it is a very interesting graphical look and sense of style that puts you in a city that looks like it was built from an Apple Computer corporate take-over. The concept is a very interesting one, the attempt to try something new with FPS is always welcoming, and the first person "body awareness" is done really well.
In all i struggled between giving this game 2 or 3 stars as it's interesting enough conceptually to check out but this gameplay is not worth repeating in this form.

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