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Lacklustre ending spoils what is a beautiful, original game.

This review is spoiler free. 
I've put off playing Mirror's Edge for a couple of years now, mostly because of the mediocre reception it received. When it appeared in the Steam sale for only £3 I thought I'd give it a go. I've been genuinely surprised by the quality of this game, the way the free running works with the mouse and keyboard controls is really satisfying and you are constantly left  holding your breath as you go for that massive jump between skyscrapers.  
The graphics definitely deserve a mention, this game has one of the most striking visual styles I've ever seen, the world looks like it was designed by Ikea. It's a really neat look that makes it stand out from the crowd. 
A lot of Mirror's edge (on the first playthrough at least) will be trial and error gameplay. There were only two points in the game where I was stuck for a noticeable amount of time, most of the deaths were because of me either missing jumps or running into enemies when I shouldn't have been. Checkpoints appear regularly and dying was never very annoying, which is good because I seemed to do it a lot. I think after playing Super Meat Boy I have a higher threshold of tolerance for dying repeatedly though. 
The worst thing about the game that I experienced was the ending. as stated above, I won't get into spoilers, I just found the ending to be very abrupt and kind of lacklustre. I was super impressed with this game the whole way through, I kept asking myself where the 3* game people call it was, then it finished. I feel like there should have been another couple of hours at least, but these levels are obviously very intricately designed. I think the quality of what is there does make this less punishable, but I still think it's a little short. On my first playthrough I spent 4 hours on it, and that was with a lot of mistakes and time spent on figuring out the puzzles. I don't think a sub 3 hour playthrough would be very hard to do on normal difficulty
Mirror's Edge is for me a really exciting game, for the price I picked it up at it was a steal, and it's by far the best game I've bought in this holiday Steam sale. If you can find it for about £3, (about $5 or 4 euro) you should absolutely pick it up. Any higher than £10 and I say no, purely on the length of it. 
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