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Misae is the landlady of Youhei's dormitory. She dislikes Youhei for being messy and noisy and the rugby players for causing trouble and evading her law enforcement. Misae was a student of Tomoya's school and she was the first female student council president. She managed to make the entire school attend class on time for a whole week and Tomoyo looks up to her.

Tomoya and Youhei never fails to point out Misae's ample assets.


During Misae's high school days, she used to be short-tempered and meted out physical punishment liberally. Misae met a guy named Katsuki Shima at the hospital and she encouraged him to recover. Later, Katsuki sent his cat to grant her a wish. The cat took Katsuki's form and it believed itself to be Katsuki.

Misae became the student council president during her first year of high school. She was in love with a guy named Igaarashi but he went with another girl. Katsuki then approached Misae, offering to grant her a wish. Initially, she did not believe him, but she eventually fell in love with him. Katsuki also discovered that he had developed feelings for Misae.

Later, Katsuki discovered that the real Katsuki had passed away. He was then driven to grant his master's last wish. Misae was getting annoyed by Katsuki's unrelenting perseverance, thus she made a wish for him to love her forever. After granting her wish, he turned back into a cat. To Misae, Katsuki had disappeared. Later, she discovered the cat and took it as her pet.


Misae was first seen when Tomoya visited Youhei's dorm room. She was trying to chase down peeping toms and Tomoya taught her an armlock maneuver. She tested it on Youhei and was satisfied by its efficacy. 2 days later, Misae was chasing down students who didn't finish their food. Tomoya taught her the drop kick. She tested it on Youhei again. Youhei wondered about Misae's age and he estimated it at 23.

The next day, Misae was chasing down students who didn't clean their room. Tomoya taught her to throw people by their ankles and she tested it on Youhei. 2 days later, it was raining. Misae offered Tomoya an umbrella. The rugby players confronted Tomoya and demanded him to not teach Misae attack moves.

The following day, Misae was meting out divine punishment. She confided in Tomoya explaining that she wanted to be a proper lady and she requested him to help search for her pet cat. Tomoya recruited Youhei help and he found the cat in his room. He wanted to skin it and Misae appeared and punished him.

Misae's path

Tomoya started visiting Misae's room daily, much to her dismay. People would confide in her and Tomoya would hide in Misae's bed, enjoying the smell. Tomoyo entered to seek advice about becoming the student council president. Tomoya sent Ryou to talk to Misae. She confided in Misae and revealed that she liked Tomoya. Alternatively, if Tomoya's relationship with Nagisa is high by this point, Tomoya confided in Nagisa about his feelings for Misae. Nagisa then confided in Misae about her feelings for Tomoya.

Tomoya then recruited many girls to expose more information about Misae while he hid in her bed. Eventually, Misae suspected that it was Tomoya's plan. Later, he confessed his feelings for her. Misae turned him down and explained that her heart still belonged to Katsuki and that Tomoya should pursue someone closer to his age. Tomoya explained that he liked older women, and that he loved the current her rather than the high school her, which touched her profoundly. The cat then channeled its memory to Tomoya.

Tomoyo's path

Misae attended the School Founder's Day and requested Tomoya and Tomoyo's help to look for her cat. Tomoyo found the cat in a classroom and Misae wanted to bring it back to the dormitory. The cat channeled its feelings to Tomoya and he told Misae that it wanted to spend some time alone with her in the class enjoying the School Founder's Day.

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