The hidden gem of the N64?

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To this day I still have fond memories of this game. I go so far as to say it was the first game that I really cared about getting farther in. I remember that triathlon type of event where it had that track race at the end. It took me so long beat, but once I did, I was so hooked with this game. Actually looking back, that game was filled with little secrets and hidden things. Definitely an underrated classic.

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Yeah, I really enjoyed this game back in the day.  Actually spent a ton of time trying to increase my rank (I think it was rank) by replaying stages.  And there was collecting gold gems too, right?

There's nothing else that's come out quite like it.  Hopefully one day it'll be released for Virtual Console.


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I have never seen the game but heard good things. Power Stone I think that's what it it called, it also good.

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hmm never heard of this game but I'll pick it up if I see it
I'd like to check it out

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This game was weird as hell. I couldn't finish it, but the last time I played it was several years ago.

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I remember beating up a kitten in this game

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I used to play this game back in high school.  Mischief Makers is a lot of fun, and I'm hoping that it'll come out on the Virtual Console so that more people will have a chance to play it.

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I am one of the 3 people on the face of the earth to get the gold gem for Cerberus Alpha.  For those who don't know, you had to beat him without taking any damage, and he was one of the most insane bosses in the game.

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Yeah, it was cool. I rented it and believe I ended up beating the whole thing. It was an enjoyable game.

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This game is literally one of the best things ever. Not enough people recognize its greatness. 
It also has amazing music.

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