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Miss Fortune is the second pirate-themed champion in League of Legends. She was added to the game post-beta. She is a ranged DPS champion with high damage output. Her passive, Strut, can give her a large boost to movement speed, allowing her to quickly enter battles and do serious damage.


Raised on a small island, Sarah Fortune lost her mother to pirate attackers at a young age. Swearing vengeance against the pirate that killed her mother, she swore vengeance on all pirates. She later relocated to Bilgewater as a bounty hunter, and used her feminine charms and expert skills to get her own crew and ship at the young age of 16. She still seeks vengeance upon the man who killed her mother, and fights to strengthen Bilgewater as an economic and independent power.



Passive: Upon not receiving damage for seven seconds, Miss Fourtune's movement speed is increased per second, and can stack multiple times.

Double Up

Active ability (Q): Miss Fortune fires a bullet at an enemy, and the bullet bounces to the nearest enemy behind the target dealing additional damage.

Impure Shots

Active/Passive ability (W): Impure Shots' passive stacks magic damage upon basic attacks up to four times. The active ability increases Miss Fortune's attack speed, as well as reducing healing and health regeneration of enemies.

Make it Rain

Active ability (E): Miss Fortune creates a hail of bullets in a small area, dealing damage and slowing any enemies inside of its radius.

Bullet Time

Active ability (R): Miss Fortune's ultimate ability. Miss Fortune fires shots into a cone-shaped area in front of her, dealing massive damage over two seconds.

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