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MVP 05 move aside, a new king of baseball has arrived!! 0

~Intro~    Baseball games have really taken a turn for the worst in recent years. Ever since MVP 05 there really hasn't been a baseball game that revolutionizes America's pastime. This is roughly due to companies going around buying up exclusive licenses. Unfortunately, this is a double edged sword; publishers force gamers to buy their product if they desire <insert license here> games. The problem is this completely eliminates all forms of competition. Like in all industries, competition ...

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mlb 08 the show 0

Well MLB 08 the show has many ways too enjoy this game but my personal favorite is Road To The this mode you get to create your self or some fake person. you get to choose your batting stance or pitching stance (if you choose that posy(position)you choose). you can chose a genric one or any one from the mlb. next you chose your  ball club  and play spring training. if u do good in the club will offer u a contract. the way to make from double a to the show is advancement goals. this editi...

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Is the '08 version worth your cash? 0

------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------...

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The best video game baseball currently in existence. 0

The last few years of The Show have been promising glimpses of how good a baseball game can be. Each iteration made stabs at overtaking EA's MVP Baseball '05 as Best Baseball Game Ever. While the core gameplay in The Show has always been top-notch, each release has been plagued by varied problems -- sub-par graphics in 2007's PS3 version, poor online performance, wonky bugs.But 2008 is the year where The Show has finally put it all together. This is the best baseball you'll find on any console a...

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MLB 08: The Show 0

I don't play many sports games at all, but I like baseball so I thought I'd try a new one. Most people preferred The Show to the 2K series this year, so I got that one. It's a pretty fun and accurate simulation of the sport. The last baseball game I played was All-Star Baseball '99 for the Nintendo 64, with Larry Walker on the cover, so it's been a while. In that time, pitching has gotten more involved and hitting has gotten harder. In that old game, you only had to pick a pitch and location and...

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