Any advice for hitting?

#1 Posted by BigAT (71 posts) -

This is my first year with The Show, and I'm really struggling with hitting.  It could be because the last baseball game I played began with "Ken Griffey Jr. Presents:" 
Regardless, does anyone have any advice and/or resources to help me out with hitting?

#2 Posted by DukesT3 (1917 posts) -

Hit up the batting cages and just practice the timing. Also you can slow down the speed of the pitch so you can see the ball better and patience is very key to get good ABs. Don't get too discourage when you do face a pitcher like a Tim Lincecum or a Roy Halladay and just flat out dominate you since the best pitchers will do that. Just keep at it and you'll get better homie.

#3 Posted by shadows_kill (3165 posts) -

this is also my first year with the show (last BB game though was 2k4) and it really just need some time.. starting up a franchise and playing all the pre season games just got me better at it (and still just have some innings where you cant hit shit..(which happens in real BB too))

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