What will be your walk up track be?

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I'll probably stick with my MLB'09 song for the start of the season, and may change it later. 

 What's yours, or what would yours be? 
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  I'm not very good at baseball, so why can't we just be friends?
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It'd be awesome to make a whole team of created characters with amazing music. 
Rokk tha Fro-glo! 
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Hmm...not sure at the moment. Perhaps this song:

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Anything Journey.

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Great topic! I've used this one in the past and will probably use it again:

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You can import your own custom music?  I got the game last night and messed around for an hour, but I only saw an option to use the game's songs.

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Insane Clown Posse : I Stab People.

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  It's what I used in real life, so why not.
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