Anyone else pumped for MLB 12: The Show?!

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#1 Posted by MrOldboy (1048 posts) -

Although I play a lot of games, I'd honestly have to admit that I put the most hours each year into The Show. With March 6th only a few days away I thought I'd check in on GB to see if anyone else is pumped for the game as well.

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#2 Posted by Milkman (18907 posts) -

Always pumped! The best sports game there is as far as I'm concerned. 

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#3 Posted by kurtkless (98 posts) -

I'm still playing 10' to get my offseason fix. I skipped last year's edition. What's new for this year? or should I just keep going with 10?

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#4 Posted by Asmo917 (618 posts) -

Stupid excited for this. I'm hoping my local Gamestop does the $79.99 pricing for both PS3 and Vita in store. If not, it's only $20.

This also begins my annual ritual of obsessively checking the operationsports forums for updates on the community created rosters. Oh, how I'm going to love playig with my Nats with Harper and Rendon and the rest of their farm system...

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#5 Posted by Sanity (2145 posts) -

Waiting on the UPS guy to drop it off, cant wait! I played last years edition more then i played any other game last year hands down.

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#6 Posted by devilzrule27 (1257 posts) -

I stopped buying it because I got tired of having to restart my RTTS player every year. Been playing MLB 09. When I eventually get my Vita I'll probably pick up both versions of MLB 12. Probably about time for an upgrade.

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#7 Posted by DukesT3 (2095 posts) -

I might pick it up this year, I'm kind of burnt out on it. Its always the sports game I play until NCAA comes out.

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#8 Posted by sopranosfan (1965 posts) -

I haven't been pumped for a sports game in about 5-10 years and this is from a huge sports nut that is watching SportsCenter right now while on a video game website. So it seems like I would love them but they are all just so similar to the previous year that I just can't get pumped for them. I usually buy one every couple years when I catch them on sale.

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#9 Posted by Sanity (2145 posts) -

The new ball physics are amazing. Love it so far.

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#10 Edited by rentfn (1393 posts) -

I've played all of them for PS3 but I still really really miss MVP baseball. I sunk so much time into those games. A member of the Sox on the cover though makes it a insta buy.

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#11 Posted by shadows_kill (3094 posts) -

Very excited! A little disappointed with the front cover athlete but I cause its better than the same guy 3 years straight.. I'll probably be picking it up tomorrow!

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#12 Posted by wjb (1901 posts) -

Got it today. Can't wait for the online community to create full minors and accurate pitch types for opening day. Being an Angels fan will finally pay off too.

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#13 Posted by MightyDuck (1840 posts) -

I've picked up 09, 10, and 11 over the past 3 years...but am unsure of whether or not 12 is worthy of a purchase. Can't decide to bite on it or not.

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#14 Posted by MrOldboy (1048 posts) -

@will_leisure said:

Got it today. Can't wait for the online community to create full minors and accurate pitch types for opening day. Being an Angels fan will finally pay off too.

yeah the operation sports full minors roster is always amazing.

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#15 Posted by Harknett (168 posts) -

Picked it up after skipping 11 and I'm loving it. The 10gig install was a little dicey, but the fast load times are worth it.

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#16 Posted by Chazzi27 (96 posts) -

I missed out on last year's copy but I'm LOVING MLB 12...The Show remains one of the only reasons I play games on my PS3. (Otherwise it's basically my media center, and my 360 does all the heavy lifting, gaming-wise)

My favorite thing about past NHL / Madden games has been Ultimate Team, and so I'm LOVING Diamond Dynasty, and I have some pretty good uni's created so all and all I can see this game lasting me the summer for sure.

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#17 Posted by JoelHulsey (88 posts) -

I picked this up yesterday. Not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I'll admit I have played MLB 2K series on my 360 almost exclusively the past few years. While certainly not perfect, it has always been a fun game. In a lot of ways this is very similar but in some ways very different. I've only played a couple of season games so far and the home run derby, but it looks promising!

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