I want this Quick Look because of one reason

#1 Posted by nohthink (1370 posts) -

I want to see how cross platform thing works between Vita and PS3.

I want to see the whole process, I want to see if it works just as advertised and I want to know if it is a good experience or not.

Rather a selfish reason I guess... But I'm oddly curious about this.

Since there are only so many games that support cross platform between Vita and PS3, I want to know how it works.... please?

#2 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

Nah, its a decent request. I'm curious aswell how this stuff works out. Isn't this going to be the first game in the states to feature this?

#3 Posted by StefanTheLegend (200 posts) -

Agreed sirr!

#4 Posted by nohthink (1370 posts) -

@Dany: I think it's the first retail game to have such a feature.

Hustle King and that Pinball game do feature them but there are downloadable games.

#5 Posted by kindnivore (2954 posts) -

Not saying this isn't reasonable request, but have you searched the youtube? Usually someone out there has done something like this, or you could always request it from the many users that have Youtube as their job.

#6 Posted by nohthink (1370 posts) -

@ccampb89: I did think about it but I kinda wanted to see it with GB screws' flare lol

#7 Posted by SlightConfuse (3995 posts) -

I think peace walker is the first game to have this.

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