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You start your criminal career in Mob Wars by doing petty crimes such as Mugging, House Burglary and Stoplight Car Thefts.  You gain experience points in the game by pulling jobs and fighing users.  The leveling is fairly fast and furiuos at the begingin but takes more and more work at the higher levels.  

Attributes in the game are broken up into Cash, Health, Energy and Stamina.

  • Cash will increase on a set interval based on any real estate you have or when you do jobs.
  • Heath will decrease when you attack other users or are attacked and will re-charge at a set interval.  Reaching 0 means you are dead and will cost you a small xp penalty.
  • Energy is spent pulling jobs and will recharge at a set interval.
  • Stamina is spent fighting other users and will also recharge on a set interval.
  • Exp. is the amout of experience points you have accumulated by pulling jobs and fighing other users.
  • Level will increase as your Exp reaches certain levels and will unlock new property, jobs and weapons.

Actions available in the game are Jobs, Hitlist, City, Bank, Hospital, Godfather, Fight, Stockpile, Mob and Boss


You will spend a large amount of time in this screen.  Here you will pull jobs which will net you cash and xp.  The screen is broken up into different columns Description/Payout, Requirements and Action.
The Job List
The Description/Payout column tells you the job name, what the doing the job will earn you and how much xp it's worth.  The Requirements column will tell you how much energy you need to pull the job and any weapons, vehicles or special gear is required. Also in this column you may see a weapon to the left with a percentage underneath. This represents the percent chance you can walk away from the job with an extra weapon.
The final column, Action, just contains a button to click to initiate the job.

The Hit List

The Hit List is a great place to make tons of cash if you are a high level and have quite a load-out.  And it's also the place your name will appear if another user has a beef with you.  
The Hit List
If you end up on the receiving end of a hit you WILL end up dead which makes it impossible to fight until you health returns to at least 22 and costs you a small xp penalty.








The City is where the magic really happens.  What mob worth their salt doesn't have a real estate empire?  From the City page you can buy property to use for building certain types of 
 buildings.    Each item on this page has an income value.  This value is the amount of money you will bring in on the hour.  It is advisable to make purchases on this page in lots of 10 as the price will increase after each purchase.




The bank provides save haven for you cash.  Money in the bank cannot be lost due to attack from other users.  However, the bank will keep 10% of each deposit.


You will go to the hospital when you get under 22 health.  Here you can pay the doctor to give you a big boost in health if so inclined.


On the Godfather page you can spend favor points on recharges or on hired guns ( I always suggest hired guns).  You are awared 10 favor points at the start of the game and can randomly be granted 1 upon leveling up.  Also on the Godfather page you can apply for promotional offers that also award favor points.


The Fight page enables you to attack rival mobs.  Be wary of the mobs size and level, try to stick to weaker mobs.  You will gain some xp for fighting and have a chance of getting some loot too.  Fighting 
costs one Stamina point per fight ... also keep a watchful eye on your health.


























The Stockpile is where you will equip your mob.  The sum of the weapon and vehicle stats weigh in when you fight another mob.  You should try to equip each member of your mob with 1 weapon, 1 armor 
and a vehicle if possible.  Any item above and beyond your mob size will not be factored in to the fight calculation.  Also, be aware of any upkeep that a weapon or vehicle costs as this total will be deducted from your hourly income on the City page.  
















From this page you can view current mob members and invite other facebook friends to your mob.


The Boss page lists info about your mob boss.

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