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So I often find myself with nobody on my friends list online, Since I play strange hours.
Like right now for instance, Nobody....
So I thought well why not put up a thread where if your online and want to play
You just say, "Hey I want to shoot some terroists, Who's up for Co-Op?"
And somebody might just say,"I want to shoot some terroists."
And voila, people are playing Co-Op, Or whatever.
I know this has probably been posted before,
I looked didn't really find one. And yes I know there's a list of gamertags,
But I for one don't want to just randomly invite 50ppl and hope they want to play,
Or that they will just accept the request.

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I'm online,
And I'm up for whatever, Though I was kinda thinking Co-Op Special Ops
Gamertag:  xAAx Coombs    Just say GB in the message
And again.
Looking for some Co-Op
Flood protection stooped me from posting again......
So you probably aren't reading this anyway....

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