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#1 Edited by Rayfield (2097 posts) -

There can be discussions until the end of time about the good/bad aspects of MW2 multiplayer, but it can be an extremely personal experience despite running around with teams of dudes. 
For me, it happened yesterday. On the map Quarry. Team Deathmatch started and I got to running as you do. The match was progressing pretty normally, a couple of my teammates and I had taken that elevated area with the chicken wire but we were pinned down like hell from gunfire being spat out from a sniper with a thermal scope from the other side of the map.  
I caught a bullet in the head and went down along with two other guys. Respawned, I thought "Right, you're dead." and headed down into the valley centre of the map. A little foolhardy perhaps, considering the centre of the map was PACKED with enemies. There were grenades flying everywhere but I somehow avoided getting blown to pieces. Keeping my red dot sight up, I crept around the main building towards where I knew this sumbitch to be camping. Close enough, I threw in a stun grenade and ran full force towards his postion.  
And there he was. Same dude, same position - disoriented from my grenade. I took aim and downed him with a nice headshot. Hilariously, he respawned immediately to my left, and I shot him dead again. Then I ran back to my postion. 
Icing on the cake? His title was JointOps, bro. 
Immensely satisfying and one of the most fun moments of this game. Anyone else have a specific fist-pumping moment?

#2 Posted by Killroycantkill (1432 posts) -

My first time getting chopper gunner, I killed 5 guys just running around aimlessly because I have never played Afgan before. Got the preditor missle and triple killed a bunch of guys, launched Harrier and then got another triple kill with just the bomb portion of the harrier. Then game the beast part, chopper gunner. I hopped in and was mowing down guys along with my harrier. I got my highest killstreak with that moment (27) and it was the most badass thing ever because the whole other team after the match was cursing my name.

#3 Edited by DanielJW (4915 posts) -

Had a lot of these moments playing split-screen spec-ops on veteran with my friend. Sometimes it feels really bad ass.  
Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets an extra little kick out of killing people who use Joint Ops or Blunt Trauma. :)

#4 Posted by brocool (701 posts) -

Mine... knifing 8 dudes in a row all in the back in under a minute
So many of those great moments, interested in hearing more!

#5 Posted by Rayfield (2097 posts) -
@DanielJW said:
  Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets an extra little kick out of killing people who use Joint Ops or Blunt Trauma. :) "

Hell yes. I think it was part of the reason I decided to risk life and limb to hunt him down.
#6 Posted by Red (5994 posts) -

I was on one of the urban-maps. Forget the name. Anyways, I was in Team Deathmatch and found myself fighting against a guy with a riot shield. Oh-so annoying. Anyways, guy has me cornered, so I run away from him, but hide behind the doorway of the building he chased me into. He ran past me and I snuck up from behind and knifed him in the back. 
Most of my stories involve knifing dudes, or running really fast in CTF.

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Was 0-5 to start out a game on invasion. Walked into the grassy courtyard, turned to the alley, saw some enemies and started shooting. Fired off long burst with my silenced ACR, and hit the guy in the forehead. Then, looking in the bottom left corner, I noticed 5 deaths, all by me and all by headshots; turned out that 4 of them had been running through the alley, and the 5th had been on the other side sniping.
After that, I ran into the little room that opens onto the adjacent street, and saw 4 guys running in from the far street. Killed all 4 of them, two with a semtex stick, and the other two with my ACR. I looked in the corner and lo and behold, it was 4 of the same 5 guys I had killed in the alley; oh, and also the final kill was the match-winning one.
I ended 9-5....not exactly a rousing end-game score, but I couldn't start laughing as they all yelled at me.
Oh and there was also a time when 3 guys were running at me with riot shields; I stuck the middle one, he fell back a bit, and I got a triple kill.

#8 Posted by itsmadness (144 posts) -

Last night I got a 21 killstreak using only a pistol and a knife. Chopper gunner got 10 of those kills...It was awesome.

#9 Posted by Rayfield (2097 posts) -

Playing Team Deathmatch on Derail, I went out to that communications tower area because I believed there was a guy sniping from there. I couldn't see a damn thing throught the trees so I climbed a ladder for a better look. On the concrete roof, I saw nobody. But then looking down, I noticed a flare and realised the dude had that repsawn-flare perk (I forget what it's called). Lining my sights up to shoot it, the dude suddenly spawned RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Fortunately, he was facing the opposite direction and he immediately ran to the edge of the roof and went prone, obviously setting himself up for more sniping action in his snowy white ghille suit. I calmly walked a couple of steps and shot him in the back of the head. 
I could only imagine his frustration watching the killcam for that one.
#10 Posted by ErgoProxy77 (550 posts) -

This is what I think is the best part of MW2 multiplayer, the MOMENTS.  I have had so many great moments online with COD4, and MW2 continued the fin moments even in my first few matches.  There was one moment in a CTF game on Quarry where I had the flag, and a bunch of my teammates protected me.  They cleared a path, and I was able to run the flag in.  It was great.

#11 Posted by raynate2022 (301 posts) -

My moment so far was on Sub Base. Just me and my SCAR. After running around a bit I got a predator missile. Launch it and get a triple kill. I use my Harrier and get nobody with the initial strike. But the harrier kills 5 or so people while it's hanging around. Kill a few more people, get a chopper gunner. Call that in, and kill a bunch of guys. Start running around some more, killing some people. After running around and running out of ammo, picking up a new gun every time I kill someone, the game ends with me at 32-0. I have NEVER done anything close to that before, my best killstreak on MW1 was like 15. And I havn't come close since.

#12 Posted by ArchScabby (5809 posts) -

Killing anybody with the joint ops title makes me feel good.  those stupid asses.

#13 Posted by natetodamax (19230 posts) -

Playing Search & Destroy on Terminal, went from losing 0-3 to winning the game 4-3

#14 Posted by Alexander (1725 posts) -

They really should have put a replay feature in this game.

#15 Posted by dutch42 (533 posts) -
@ArchScabby said:
" Killing anybody with the joint ops title makes me feel good.  those stupid asses. "
Yes, this.  Also, personally, my favourite moment so far was rushing a roomfull of dudes and taking out all three. Not being a paticularly badass MW2 player, it felt good to be on the business end of the ass kicking for a change.
#16 Posted by faustyn (616 posts) -
@Alexander said:
" They really should have put a replay feature in this game. "
yeah. something like the theater mode in halo3 would be fuckin' awesome.
#17 Posted by nanikore (2740 posts) -

Getting five kills within a span of 5 seconds using my FAL.

#18 Posted by Griddler (3346 posts) -

My 50 ft. throwing knife kill.

#19 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

Hearing all these stories makes me really want to get the game. Cut it out!
#20 Posted by Skye (411 posts) -

Going 26-0 on wasteland.

#21 Posted by Shibbxyz (285 posts) -

Every time i get a good throwing knife kill from a fair distance  makes me feel so happy :D
Just wish i could get the final kill with a gd knife throw :<

#22 Posted by nick_verissimo (1406 posts) -

I've had a couple good games where I ran up scores of 30 something kills to less then 5 deaths, but honestly the coolest thing that's happened so far was actually seeing a tactical nuke being set off.  I was playing invasion and with about a minute or so left in the match, as I was running into that restaurant area, my movement started to get really slow and my guy started to fall back.  Then I noticed that every name on the bottom left corner started to pile up and the screen go a scary, hazy red colour only to see to the end game screen come up it show that I had been tacitically nuked.  SO AWESOME!!!
Has anyone else used the nuke or been nuked?  It's quite possibly the coolest thing I've experienced in multiplayer.

#23 Posted by RiddleBrother (511 posts) -

i was getting irritated by a troll on my team, and then killed him, with an air drop. twice.

#24 Posted by Mowgers (392 posts) -

Every time my carefully planned C4 traps work, makes me smile.

#25 Posted by sc0ttyEGA (3 posts) -

i would have to say running into a crowded room and cleaning house - that gives me an adrenaline rush = joy

#26 Posted by Valco (328 posts) -

spec ops veteran homeland security- me and a freind had failed 4 times at this, we were on wave 5, with every man dead, the BTR in peices and just the pred and the two helis left. we were in one of the smaller restraunts, not Nate's and not Burger Town, might have been a Taco one. The predator was raining down missiles, all the windows were being blown out, and were on the floor with 5 RPG shots between us. we popped out and took 3 pot shots at them, until we were driven back inside. A misslie comes right in thru the window n downs me. as my friend is getting me up, we hear "nice job on the heli" i say to my friend over the mike "wow well done man, good shot". theres a pause and he says back to me "i didnt do anything". Another pause. we burst out into laughter, the friking idiot AI drone nailed its own heli! we run out, blast down the heli and unlock Echo ops. MW2 is great for cinematic moments like that
#27 Posted by Zajtalan (1163 posts) -

i love when people describe games how you just did. it makes them seem way more epic

#28 Posted by Driadon (3047 posts) -

A week ago I joined a standard Subbase Deathmatch on Ground War, ended up going something like 24 and 4 with roughly 10 of those with a throwing knife. Believe me, I'm not great at this game (my K/D is 0.70 for gods sake) but I'm ruthless with flanking. I guess no one expected to be killed from the back over and over again.

#29 Edited by Adamantium (885 posts) -

Haha that kind of revenge is so sweet.

Just got my "Epic" tag laaate last night. I can't even describe the chaos that caused it, suffice it to say I had my Marathon Pro/Lightweight Pro/Commando Pro on and there was some serious stabbing happening, then I ducked into a corner and busted out my Predator, which got me a Harrier, which got me a Chopper Gunner; and I still didn't get killed while I was in the chopper, although I only had about 2/3 of the time in it before someone shot me down. After the round (and some hilarious smack-talk from the opposing team when they saw my 33:6 KDR) I got my Epic title, and I thought to myself "yeah that was pretty epic, wasn't it?"
Good times.

#30 Posted by SoothsayerGB (1468 posts) -

Multi-kills!  In any form.  Killing a group with one shot is the bee's knees.  Also, being AFK writing a post on Giant Bomb.  Seeing someone walk in front of my view. Reaching over and tapping the RPG-7 trigger and getting a easy kill.  Then doing it again a few seconds later.  lol
Getting 12 kills while surfing GB is great!

#31 Posted by Landon (4164 posts) -

Don't think I've had an awesome moment with MW2 yet, but I remember one time on...the original MW (are we calling it that now?) where I had three dudes coming at me. I was backing up and killed two, went behind a corner only to stab the third as he was making his way around. I felt like some sort of super solider when that happened.

#32 Posted by Shadow (4988 posts) -

Today, after being killed by a camper a number of times, I ran around the entire map to his back.  When nearly there, I spotted a tactical insertion flare.  I moved on to knife him in the back, ran assuming the flare was his, back to it and knifed him again.  I ran back to where he was originally camping, waited for him to come back, and when I got there I knifed him a third time.  I immediately booked it to where his flare was the last time and sure enough, he had just spawned there and so my care package was earned by knifing the same person 4 times.

#33 Posted by Landon (4164 posts) -

Oh, I just remembered one for MW2.
I was running and killed a guy. But when I killed his I got the award for 25 kills, 5 headshots, I upgraded one of my perks, Buzzkill, payback, and I leveled up. I thought it would never end!

#34 Posted by flyingfruit (63 posts) -

i've had a couple good moments. one was when i picked up a stealth bomber from a package on estate, and i suck with airstrikes. me and my friend were playing estate, and were cooped up in the mansion. I call the airstrike outside the main door, and it got me 5 kills. was a pretty nice HOLY SHIT moment.
another good one was my 32 kill streak on terminal with the chopper gunner. got it on ground war, raped for the next like 45 seconds. then i realized that I hadn't unlocked nuke yet, and that killed the moment. was still awesome though.
i love looking at the kills and deaths of all the players and seeing myself go like 39 and 4

#35 Posted by HistoryInRust (6434 posts) -

Legitimately earned a nuke killstreak today in Team Deathmatch. I was pretty proud of that.

#36 Posted by Rayfield (2097 posts) -
Ah yes, tactical insertion flare. That's what it's called. Thanks.
#37 Posted by demontium (4710 posts) -
@Rayfield: I do not believe you
#38 Posted by Rayfield (2097 posts) -

I think I've grown to love Wasteland just for the sheer madness that can happen in that bunker. 
Playing team deathmatch, we were defending said bunker and losing badly. Looking down one of the trenches, I saw a couple of my teammates get gunned down in quick succession from somewhere outside the bunker. I tried to avoid standing in the doorway but a couple of grenades suddenly appeared and forced me to run outside. I immediately jumped to my right, out of the trench and saw a couple of enemies further down the trench. I threw a frag grenade and then a stun grenade towards them and ran full speed towards their postion. My frag killed one guy and from my elevated position, I could see two guys left: a sniper prone in the trench and another dude standing behind him. The sniper must have seen me running towards him because he started to stand up but a couple of shots from my M16 and he was put down. I was still running and the other dude backed away as I jumped down into the trench. He disappared around a corner and my split-second decision was to jump back out of the trench on the other side and flank him instead of running him down. It paid off. He was crouching, reloading and obviously waiting for me to come round the corner. Shot him pointblank from behind.  
Probably the best 3 killstreak I've had.
#39 Posted by Rayfield (2097 posts) -
#40 Posted by JokerClown88 (1051 posts) -

On estate, I was using my Stealth Class which comes equipped with a throwing knife.  Entering the boat house I threw my knife and killed a guy.  I ran and picked up my knife and the instant that happened another guy entered the room and also caught the throwing knife in the chest.  Took less the three seconds.  It was a thing of beauty. 

#41 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1894 posts) -

First time I called in an Attack Copter, nothing like having some air support while you're running around.

#42 Posted by skunk (240 posts) -

one of my fav moments was in Quarry coming out of the middle and noticing someone blasting out of the small window you get to by jumping on the bulldozer. I was well below the window and couldn't even see it but I jumped and semtex stuck the dude and I guess he fell back into the room or something cuz I ended up getting a double kill lol.
oh, and what's up with all the "blunt trauma/joint ops" hate?

#43 Posted by n8 (264 posts) -

ive had a couple of really sick knife-throw kills... and i once went 16-1 on subbase in domination..
but for me the absolute most enjoyable thing in mw2 is watching an enemy toss a tactical insertion flare, shooting him in the back to death.. then aiming up just so slightly so you get the perfect headshot when he respawns.  thats just fun   8-)
also yeah i once knifed the entire enemy team without dying.  tactical knife is pretty awesome =)

#44 Posted by JAC0BISH (19 posts) -

Had a pretty glorious moment last night when I killed two harriers with one singer. It's was crazy and it should have been a challenge or something.

#45 Posted by Chokobo (1228 posts) -

Anytime I stick a semtex to a riot shield.  Makes me cackle every single time w/o fail.

#46 Posted by Steve_C (1757 posts) -

On the airport level I was walking down through the plane with the riot shield. I had just turned to the left, exiting the plane where i encountered some dude on the other team right up in my face. I hit him with my shield before he backed off and started shooting at me, but I was just crouching while soaking up all the damage. I was going after him, slowly advancing to keep my defense up. Giving up, he turned around and started to run off. I wouldn't be able to keep up with him being crouched, so he probably thought he was safe. As he was running away I tossed a knife straight into his back, taking him down.  It was such an awesome sudden death after the prolonged encounter.

#47 Posted by canucks23 (1087 posts) -

The other night, i got a 36 killstreak just from running around in the house on Estate, with my usp w/ tactical knife. Half those kills were from one guy constantly looking for me and me knifing him in the ass :P Some of those kills were from the harrier/chopper gunner too though.

#48 Posted by Kohe321 (3534 posts) -

Getting 24/0 and then dying TWICE before nuke was both fun and crap at the same time.

#49 Posted by Indestined (8 posts) -

Most likely be my 36 kill streak, I just got a perfect position and never missed a shot and thanks to my claymores I gained multiple kills from people zurging to only then relay  claymores thanks to scavenger.
Then the Ac130 came into act and it was pretty much game over from that point onwards lol :D

#50 Posted by Mikemcn (7064 posts) -

Stopping an entire opposing team advance down one of the alleys between the buildings in Quarry, with a sniper rifle at close range. I got the entire team down, ive never been able to do that good with a sniper rifle but it worked haha.

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