Are you able to do all the Spec Ops missions with 2 players?

#1 Posted by Maxynator (161 posts) -

I know there are certain missions you can only do with 2 people, but are the others also 2 player missions?

#2 Posted by fwylo (3556 posts) -

What? Ya all Spec Ops can be done with 2 players. 

#3 Posted by Atomasist (2818 posts) -

Yea, it's joint ops bro.

#4 Posted by CornontheCobbe (2645 posts) -

They can all be done with 2 players.

#5 Posted by Maxynator (161 posts) -

Joint Ops, check
and with 2 players, check
Double check
2x2 is 4
Thanks for the info

#6 Posted by AlwaysAngry (2866 posts) -

I think a lot of the mission are easier by myself,  but that's just me. 
There are also mission easier with two people. They can all be played with two people though.

#7 Posted by Maxynator (161 posts) -

Wait, so you can do all the campaign missions with two people, and all the Spec Ops with two people?

#8 Posted by MjHealy (1893 posts) -
No. The campaign is single-player. Spec Ops is the co-op mode.

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