Difference Between Accuracy and Range?

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This recently came up in another thread, but no one really answered it. Accuracy should be pretty obvious, how much the bullets spread out from where you're aiming (not the recoil, but the spread if the gun were stable.) Range should be how far away something can be while you can still hit it (which should be directly related to accuracy, like a shotgun vs. a sniper). Damage should be how much damage each bullet deals. Damage should be positively related to range, as bullets moving faster do more damage (disregarding bullet type), e.g. snipers. 
 But MW2's ratings don't show those correlations. Anyone know how they work in-game?

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Easy solution right here:  
Test out every gun. With time you will be able to pinpoint guns out for their strengths and weaknesses. The in-game gun stats don't mean crap. Every assault rifle has 1 of different damages, but the other factors secretly come into play. I.E. Famas -vs- M16  
-Famas is winner because of better accuracy and higher fire rate? 
Just play it out and you'll be fine in no time. Just remember, don't worry about stats.

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About 5 letters.

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@Computerplayer1 said:
" About 5 letters. "
I see what you did there. >_^
It's something however that has stumped me too. The accuracy and range with damage added. Also, when you use a silencer on a sniper rifle how is it that the damage stays the same, the accuracy (i think? or is it range) drops yet the shots don't do as much damage?
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