Help Need! Game controller survey!!

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Hey gang, Im a grad student working on a research project involving game controllers and game play.  Please help me by filling out this survey.  It's short and sweet.  This would help tremendously!!!  Thanks 
Just click on the link below: 
<a href="">Click here to take survey</a>    

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done :)

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Done,done and done!
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@FirePrince said:
" Done,done and done! "
Done and done... and done and done and done and done!
Beat ya sucka.    :P
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why in the mw2 forum? 
(also i did the survey)

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filled it out, where's my money!

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Should let us know when it's done what it's all about.

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Done, would like to see the results at some point

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What age do I pick if I'm 20?

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